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Product Announcement

Ultra low noise 532nm CW laser available from 4 to 15W

17 Jan 2012

At Photonics West 2012 Laser Quantum will launch a 15W CW DPSS laser to extend its range of the highly successful finesse family.

Additionally it will introduce a novel noise reduction technology that reduces output noise of the range to less than 0.03% RMS. When used for Ti:Sapphire pumping, the level within the noise transfer function of the crystal is even lower. However, with a TEM00 beam of <1.1 M2, and output stability of 0.1% RMS in power mode, the finesse is suitable for many other applications.

The finesse family of lasers is built around a compact laser head that is hermatically sealed to protect the optics from contamination. Following manufacture it is extensively tested to ensure stability and long lifetime, by undergoing vibration and shock tests, plus 500-hour stability tests. This rigorous testing allows us to offer a 5-year / 15,000-hour warranty to our scientific customers.

They are supplied with a fully featured power control unit that houses the field replaceable pump diode which is connected to the laser head via an optical fibre. This reduces the need for heat removal in the laser head and power instability caused by temperature effects.

The finesse power unit also provides intelligent control that monitors laser performance and provides remote diagnostic analysis across the internet. This allows for servicing to be carried out with minimal disruption to the end user.

For more information visit us at http://www.laserquantum.com/products/category.cfm?id=1

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