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Product Announcement

Expansion of the product range for solar cell processing

02 Sep 2010

The Lasers Business Unit will introduce its new infrared disk laser JenLas® disk IR70.

Jenoptik’s disk laser product family including the JenLas® disk IR50 is already established in the market. By expanding the product family to higher power, the JenLas® disk IR70 laser meets the requirements of the new technologies in the field of photovoltaics such as metal wrap-through (MWT) and emitter wrap-through (EWT – up to 20,000 holes/second).

The electrical efficiency of the cells can be increased through the use of MWT or EWT technology. In order to increase the active surface area of the cells, in the case of both technologies the contacts are laid from the front to the rear side of the cell. The contact fingers that are currently used as standard and covers parts of the active surface area can therefore be dispensed with. Further applications are long-distance marking of wafers, laser-fired contacts (LFC) as well as laser edge isolation.

The JenLas® disk IR70 allows users to achieve the highest quality at maximum throughput. This feature allows the user to achieve optimal laser parameters because the laser pulse length can be adjusted independently of the repetition rate. The laser covers a wide range of applications in the infrared wavelength range at 1030 nm with pulse energies up to 7 mJ and repetition rates up to 100 kHz. Consequently, the 65-watt system is ideal for the laser drilling of silicon wafers, which then allow the efficient production of back-contact solar cells.

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