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Product Announcement

Phase masks

24 Feb 2006

Ibsen is a world leader in Phase masks, based on interferometric (holographic) patterning, RIE etching and extensive metrology - all in class 10 cleanroom. Unbeatable period accuracy and uniformity of +/- 0.01 nm.

Ibsen is a world leader in Phase masks, offering unique technology and a unique market position. Ibsen Phase masks have been manufactured in cleanroom environment for 10 years, today in class 10 state-of-the art facilities that we established in 2000. Phase masks are special transmission diffraction gratings - Ibsen's core technology. Besides being a market leader in Phase masks and Fused Silica Transmission Gratings, we manufacture gratings for our own I-MON, D-MON and Spectrometer modules. The unbeatable period accuracy (+/- 0.01 nm) of our Phase masks has been utilized to provide the EU with Calibration Standards that are EU certified by 3 national European metrology labs (NPL, PTB and DFM).

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