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GE LED Lighting Goes from 60 to 100 in 16 Months

Date Announced: 29 Jul 2011

Complete line of GE Energy Smart(R) LED incandescent replacement bulbs due out in next 16 months.

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio, Jul 29, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- GE's 60-watt incandescent replacement 13-watt LED available in November 2011.

• 75-watt and 100-watt incandescent replacement LEDs expected to go on sale in fall 2012

• GE LEDs to feature precise dimming on broad range of analog dimmers, meet new SSL-6-2010 NEMA standard for LED dimming compatibility

GE Lighting's full line of light-emitting diode (LED) GE Energy Smart(R) incandescent replacement bulbs are anticipated to be on store shelves within the next 16 months. This November marks the arrival of the 13-watt GE Energy Smart LED, a dimmable 60-watt incandescent replacement bulb. GE's dimmable 75-watt and 100-watt replacement LED bulbs--likely 18-watt and 27-watt products, respectively--are expected to arrive on store shelves in late 2012. All the bulbs will deliver light for over two decades based on three hours of use per day.

"GE's top priority is providing energy-efficient products that exceed customer needs in terms of light quality, color and dimming performance, as well as size, shape and aesthetics," says Steve Briggs, vice president of marketing and product management, GE Lighting Solutions, LLC. "We've taken exhaustive steps in engineering, designing and testing to create LED products that outperform our own high standards. It's our mission to serve as a trusted resource for anyone transitioning to LEDs."

GE's 9-watt LED--a 40-watt incandescent replacement bulb and the world's first incandescent-shaped LED bulb to earn an ENERGY STAR rating--adds GE's outstanding dimming capability at the same time the 13-watt LED 60-watt replacement arrives on the scene.

Engineering excellence builds on a heritage of innovation
GE LED bulbs will offer smooth, incandescent-like dimming, minus the stepped dimming, flicker, shimmer, pop-on, drop-off or even inaction that plague other LED bulbs touting a dimming capability.

GE scientists from around the world collaborated to design an LED bulb that provides all-around "omnidirectional" light similar to incandescent light sources, rather than just pushing light out of the top of a lampshade as most LED bulbs are prone to do. GE's LED bulbs also feature an aesthetically pleasing incandescent size and shape, and a design that allows for a soft-white appearance when turned off, a consumer preference that GE discovered through research.

The coming 60-, 75- and 100-watt replacement LEDs will expand GE's current family of LED bulbs already offered in a broad range of shapes, wattages and colors, including spot and flood lights (PAR20 & PAR30), ceiling fan bulbs (A15), medium globes (G25), small globes (G16.5), candles (CA10) and night lights (C7).

All of GE's Energy Smart LED bulbs are rigorously tested to ensure constant color, long life and verifiable lumen ratings. For more information, visit www.gelighting.com.

60-watt replacement LED bulb should prove popular
According to industry trade-association data, among standard incandescent bulbs, the 60-watt is the most popular household bulb in the world, followed by the 100-watt, 75-watt and 40-watt varieties. As a category of lighting, standard incandescent bulbs have declined in popularity by about 50 percent over the last five years (2006-2010) in the U.S., and similarly in other parts of the world.

Source: GE


GE -- Appliances & Lighting
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