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Photron Announces Comprehensive 2-Year Warranty, Now Standard on All High Speed Video Camera Models

Date Announced: 16 Jun 2011

• Industry-leading company offers an extended warranty, effective immediately.

Photron, Inc., a global high speed imaging systems and image analysis software manufacturer, introduces a ground-breaking,
2-year warranty, available at no additional charge on all newly purchased high speed camera products. The two-year warranty will cover all parts and labor for Photron’s cameras, a guarantee that is unprecedented in the high speed imaging market.

According to Andrew Bridges, Director, Sales and Marketing at Photron, “There are a lot of ‘pretenders’ in the high speed camera industry making promises which, frankly, their equipment fails to deliver upon. There are other companies that are providing sub-standard equipment that does not live up to customer expectations. We’re prepared to stand behind our products and to show prospective customers that our cameras can be relied upon to perform. We are confident that our Photron slow motion cameras will deliver exactly what the customer requires and we are offering to guarantee their performance, parts and labor for an additional year beyond what is customary in our industry. This really sets us apart from our competition.”

“Photron’s excellent reputation for well engineered and reliable products goes back to the early 1990’s when the Photron HS4540 and MotionCorder systems were sold by the Kodak MASD division - many of these cameras are still in regular use after all these years,” Bridges adds.

The company designs and manufactures cameras that are often subjected to extreme and hostile environments, from desert government test ranges to automotive crash testing venues. Photron’s high speed video imagers are also used in intensified systems for biofluorescence applications; multi-headed high speed cameras are integrated into microscopy and production line fault-finding systems; and the fastest, mega-pixel high-speed cameras are used in sports, broadcasting, and entertainment. Photron offers the widest range of high speed cameras available and they all qualify for the new, extended 2-year warranty. For more information, please visit: www.photron.com.


9520 Padgett Street, Suite 110
San Diego, CA 92126-4446
Contact: Andrew Bridges, Director, Sales & Marketing Phone: 818-708-1704
Phone: 800-585-2129 / 858-395-8618
Fax: 858-684-3558
Email: abridges@photron.com
Web Site: www.photron.com

E-mail: abridges@photron.com

Web Site: www.photron.com

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