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B.E. Meyers Introduces New Visual Disruption Laser for Maritime Security

Date Announced: 13 Apr 2011

Effective green laser warning device now available outside of DOD.

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc., a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic products for military and law enforcement, announces its latest visual disruption laser designed specifically for federal, state, and local law enforcement, including maritime security applications. The new addition to the highly successful GLARE® family of green lasers has been designed for long-range warning and visual disruption of combatants, yet it maintains eye safety at all distances with the company’s innovative Eye Safe® technology.

Based on the GBDIIIC-SCM, the first visual disruption laser conforming with FDA regulations for sale to law enforcement, the new GLARE® laser is smaller, lighter, easier to use, and includes a built-in aiming sight. The new device maintains eye safety at all distances by instantaneously adjusting laser output to below hazardous levels. This prevents accidental eye injury, especially when the laser is operated in highly dynamic situations.

The new GLARE® laser is particularly effective for maritime security applications. The device enables the crew to warn and determine intent of approaching craft beyond 2 km. At closer distances, the overtly bright green beam deters approach of combatants, and hinders hostile actions such as aiming weapons.

When used aboard merchant marine vessels, the laser enables the crew to determine intent, deter approach, and delay attack of maritime pirates, allowing the initiation of evasive maneuvers and providing naval authorities with increased time to respond. “This is a breakout device for maritime security,” said Bruce Westcoat, Vice President of Business Development. “Coast Guard and shipping vessels can now safely equip themselves with the same non-lethal technology that has been successfully deployed to over 17,000 GLARE® users in the military.”

Source: B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc.


Jeff Bradbury,
Marketing Executive
Office: 202-495-1089

E-mail: jeffb@bemeyers.com

Web Site: www.bemeyers.com

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