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Alfa Chemistry Conveys Expertise in Perovskite Quantum Dot Supply: Promising More Energy-Efficient Displays

Date Announced: 14 Jun 2024

As the charm of perovskites and quantum dots increases, their combination, i.e., perovskite quantum dots (PQDs), has sparked enormous research attention. Alfa Chemistry, known as a supplier of novel materials, never fails to meet the expectation of its valued customers and announced the supply of multiple perovskite quantum dot related products earlier this month.

Its PQD offerings include all-inorganic colloidal perovskite quantum dots, inorganic perovskite quantum dots CsPbX3 (X=Br, Cl, I), oil dispersible perovskite quantum dots, perovskite Cd-free quantum dots, perovskite quantum dot dispersion, and perovskite single crystal. Besides, customized synthesis services catering to different solvents and sizes are also available.

“While perovskite quantum dots are relatively new, they have already exhibited properties matching or surpassing those of metal chalcogenide QDs. Their advantages are not limited to half peak width, high fluorescence quantum yield, and adjustable spectral range, which are commonly discussed,” said the spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry.

In addition, having proved a 16% rise in the cation exchange rate efficiency, PQDs have become particularly attractive to researchers working on photovoltaics, electronics, optoelectronics, and nanotechnology.

Currently, the following perovskite quantum dots are available at Alfa Chemistry:

All-inorganic Colloidal Perovskite Quantum Dots

All-inorganic colloidal perovskite quantum dots combine the advantages of colloidal quantum dots and halide perovskites, which are favorable optical materials. Caesium Lead Tribromide Quantum Dots, Caesium Lead Triiodide Quantum Dots, and Caesium Lead Chloride Bromide Quantum Dots can be obtained from Alfa Chemistry.

Inorganic Perovskite Quantum Dots CsPbX3 (X=Br, Cl, I)

Inorganic perovskite quantum dots (CsPbX3, X=Cl, Br, I), with a diverse selection of emissions and emission linewidths, can be found at Alfa Chemistry for potent applications in lighting displays, solar cells, lasers, and other optoelectronic devices.

Oil Dispersible Perovskite Quantum Dots

Oil dispersible perovskite quantum dots can be used in liquid crystal displays, light-emitting diodes, solar cells, light-emitting devices, and bio-fluorescent labelings. Furthermore, this product can be customized at different wavelengths and concentrations ranging from 400 nm to 640 nm.

Perovskite Cd-free Quantum Dots

Both cadmium-free perovskite quantum dots CsPbX3 (X=Br, Cl, I) and perovskite Cd-free quantum dots are available at different wavelengths and concentrations.

Perovskite Quantum Dot Dispersion

Perovskite quantum dot dispersion is ideal for electronic and optoelectronic applications. Alfa Chemistry offers perovskite quantum dot dispersion products with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 640 nm.

Perovskite Single Crystal

Perovskite single crystals (CH3NH3PbBr3) of high quality are available in different sizes, e.g., 6*6*1.5 mm, 4*4*1 mm, 6*6*1.5 mm, 5*5*1.2 mm, 4*4*1 mm, 3*3*0.8 mm, 2*2*0.6 mm, 1*1*0.4 mm, and can be applied in high-performance photodetectors.

About Alfa Chemistry

For a large proportion of customers, Alfa Chemistry is among the first brand that comes into their minds when looking for chemical suppliers. This honor is gained through concerted efforts from all sides, including constant exploration and commercialization of innovative materials and chemicals, which have become the shared aim of all Alfa Chemistry’s staff. Considering the huge attraction of perovskite quantum dots (PQDs) in advancing light-using technology, a sub-website is recently launched, providing a wide array of quantum dots desirable on markets, such as perovskite quantum dots, perovskite precursors, functional quantum dots, and core/shell quantum dots. Moreover, Alfa Chemistry also provides customized services for perovskite quantum dots, quantum dot detection, and product solutions for diverse applications.


Tylor Keller

E-mail: support@alfa-chemistry.com

Web Site: https://www.alfa-chemistry.com/

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