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Momentus Receives Contract from DARPA to Pave the Way for Large-Scale Space Structures

Date Announced: 30 May 2024

Examples could include solar arrays, antennas, and optics.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Momentus Inc. (NASDAQ: MNTS) ("Momentus" or the "Company"), a provider of in-space transportation services, has secured a contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aimed to support the design and in-space demonstration of technologies that will enable the construction of large-scale structures in space.

 The program, known as DARPA Novel Orbital and Moon Manufacturing, Materials, and Mass-efficient Design (NOM4D), focuses on developing the foundations for building robust and precise structures in space. The vision is to transport raw materials from Earth for in-orbit manufacturing. Unlike deployable structures optimized for ground tests and launch survival, these structures—such as solar arrays, antennas, and optics—will be specifically designed for the space environment. This exciting endeavor represents a significant step toward advancing Momentus’ capabilities in space construction and utilization.

Under the recently awarded “NOM4D On-Orbit Demo” program, Momentus will collaborate with other NOM4D performers to design and refine experiments that can be integrated onto the Momentus Vigoride Orbital Service Vehicle. These experiments must meet the stringent requirements for both launch and in-space operation.

The program will capitalize on Vigoride’s flexibility, payload capacity, and ease of integration. Momentus’ proprietary water-based propulsion system provides the ability to maneuver and modify orbit to meet a wide range of requirements for NOM4D. By conducting on-orbit demonstrations of the NOM4D assembly and manufacturing technologies, Momentus aims to elevate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL), thereby maturing the technology performance.

“We’re delighted by the opportunity to partner with DARPA to work at the forefront of the future in-space infrastructure economy,” said Momentus Chief Executive Officer John Rood. “Vigoride’s flexibility, payload capacity, and power make it well-suited to support the demonstration of NOM4D technologies that overcome current volume, load, and vibration constraints currently limiting the type and scale of in- space structures.”

Momentus will pioneer novel system-level application concepts to showcase the full integrated spacecraft benefits of NOM4D technologies. This exciting collaboration with DARPA positions Momentus at the forefront of the future in-space infrastructure economy. 

Source: Momentus


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