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LumiSpot Tech's Latest Laser Ranging Module was shown at Wuhan Salon

Date Announced: 28 Nov 2023

Wuhan, October 21, 2023 — In the realm of technological advancement, Lumispot Tech marked another milestone with its thematic salon, "Illuminating the Future from Lasers," held in Wuhan, a city rich in historical and cultural significance. This salon, the second in its series following a successful event in Xi'an, served as a platform to display Lumispot Tech's groundbreaking achievements and ongoing projects in research and development.

Innovative Product Launch: The "Bai Ze" Laser Ranging Module

The highlight of the salon was the introduction of the "Bai Ze" laser ranging module, Lumispot Tech's latest innovation in laser technology. This next-generation product has captured industry-wide attention due to its exceptional performance and technological superiority. The event was graced by the presence of experts from Huazhong Optoelectronics, Wuhan University, and various industry collaborators, all gathered to deliberate on the future trajectory and practical applications of laser-ranging technology.

Setting New Industry Standards

The "Bai Ze" module, a testament to Lumispot Tech's commitment to pioneering research and development, is designed to cater to diverse measurement requirements, offering solutions for short to ultra-long-range assessments. The company has made remarkable strides in producing cost-effective, high-reliability laser ranging systems, particularly evident in their range of products capable of 2km to 12km measurements.

Distinctive Features Setting New Benchmarks

Exceptional Accuracy: The module's integrated 100μJ erbium-doped glass laser ensures superior distance measurement capabilities.

Portability: Weighing less than 35g, it sets a new standard for operational flexibility.

Energy Efficiency: Its low-power mode makes it ideal for long-duration applications.

The key technologies adopted in the "Bai Ze" ranging module are a concentrated reflection of Lumispot Tech's strength.

The following points are particularly prominent:

○ Integration and miniaturization of erbium-doped glass lasers (8mm×8mm × 48mm):

○ High-precision timing and real-time calibration technology (timing accuracy: 60ps):

○ Adaptive, multi-path ranging technology:

○ Backscatter light noise suppression technology and APD strong light protection technology:

○ Lightweight design


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