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Sustainability Stamp for the New 4-Wavelength Amora for Custom Microscopy Illumination

Date Announced: 19 May 2023

It’s not just the exceptional performance and convenience of LEDs that make them a popular alternative to mercury or metal halide lamps. They are also significantly better for the environment –conserving energy, reducing waste and avoiding the use of toxic mercury. All in all, LEDs are the go-to sustainable option – but don’t just take our word for it!

Now you can see exactly how we measure up for the latest four-wavelength Amora, thanks to ACT Label certification.

What is the ACT Label?

The ACT label is like an eco-nutrition label for lab products, providing information about the environmental impact of manufacturing, using, and disposing of a product and its packaging. Understanding the environmental impact of equipment enables sustainable purchasing choices, and by having a score, this helps us as a manufacturer focus on ways to reduce our impact even further and become as sustainable as we can be.

What’s the Score?

The lower the ACT score, the lower the environmental impact – and the pE-400 Series which forms the basis of the four-wavelength Amora, has scored 42 – not bad for such a powerful Illumination System! This is broken down into scores you can see on the label here.

To give you an idea of what this score means, compare this to the popular pE-300 Series which we first registered in 2018 to help bring sustainability to fluorescence microscopy. By introducing sustainability initiatives since 2018, we’ve improved our score from 46.2 to 37.1!

These initiatives include using 100% renewable energy, recycling schemes and LED office lighting (with PIR lighting in less frequented areas). USB memory sticks accompanying our products now also have sustainable housing and recycled plastic bag packaging.

This ACT Label score is just the start of the sustainability journey for the latest addition to the Amora Series, and we already have plans to reduce it.

About the 4-wavelength Amora for custom microscopy illumination

Four LEDs offer exceptional power, especially in the GYR, and cover DAPI through YFP to Cy5. There is even a dedicated LED for Cy5, and sophisticated control options are ideal for applications such as live cell imaging.

As ever, the details and exact level of control are determined by your requirements. A menu of features around control, spectral coverage and connectivity matches a solution to your requirements, and we support you through the whole process.



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