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RPMC Lasers Announces Exclusive Partnership with Perspectiva Solutions

Date Announced: 15 May 2023

RPMC Lasers Inc, the leading laser distributor in North America, is excited to announce an exclusive distribution agreement with Perspectiva Solutions, allowing us to now offer their line of HUARIS Laser Beam Profilers and AI-Powered Cloud Service. Perspectiva has focused on the development of reliable and scalable business solutions for any industry. They combine their extensive industry expertise and passion to deliver custom solutions and products that perfectly fit the needs of your company. Perspectiva Solutions also produces their own laser diagnostics related products under the brand name HUARIS. RPMC will now offer their 1 MP and 5 MP laser beam profilers, mobile tablet laser profilers, and their AI-powered, cloud-based analytics, diagnostics, and preventive maintenance service.
Both companies are looking forward to leveraging each other's strengths for a successful partnership. “With their excellent reputation and presence in the photonics industry, we are excited to partner with RPMC to bring exposure to our unique and cutting-edge beam profiler line,” says Krzysztof Jakubczak, CEO and Founder of Perspectiva Solutions.  “Their understanding of our products and what value they can bring to the industry, especially manufacturers running many laser systems for 24/7 production, should help us reach more people in North America who could really benefit from the unique product and service we provide. The team at RPMC is exceeding our expectations so far, and we are looking forward to a fruitful relationship.”  Dean Micke, President of RPMC Lasers, added, “The people at Perspectiva Solutions are great to work with. I think their laser profilers and AI-powered cloud service will be of real value to the laser industry once people get a chance to learn about their capabilities and benefits.”
Initially, we will be offering their HUARIS One (1 MP) and HUARIS Five (5 MP) beam profilers, the One and Five Mobi mobile tablet versions, and their subscription-based, AI-powered cloud service. The AI cloud service will provide real-time monitoring, analytics, and diagnostics of laser parameters in order to provide preventive maintenance suggestions for the laser system based on automatic machine learning algorithms.
With this partnership, both companies will be better suited to provide added value to their customers through excellent, leading technologies, trusted advice, and high-quality support through the entire process.
To find out more about the Perspectiva Solutions profilers and AI cloud service RPMC is offering, visit https://www.rpmclasers.com/manufacturer/perspectiva-solutions/.
About Perspectiva Solutions: Founded in Poland in 2012, Perspectiva Solutions specializes in the contract production of the highest quality electronic and photonic devices and the production of custom cable harnesses. They offer Poland’s highest production standards, from prototyping and production outsourcing to professional machine and electronics assembly services.
About RPMC:  RPMC Lasers Inc, founded in 1996, is the leading laser distributor in North America. We are an OEM supplier working with the technology leading laser manufacturers from the US and Europe.  RPMC supports the Industrial, Medical, Military, and Scientific markets.  RPMC offers diode lasers, laser modules, solid-state lasers and amplifiers, and fiber lasers and amplifiers.  Also, we provide a wide range of custom solid-state lasers and laser diode subsystems.


Michael T. Meyer
RPMC Lasers, Inc.

E-mail: michael@rpmclasers.com

Web Site: https://www.rpmclasers.com/press-releases/rpmc-lasers-announces-exclusive-partnership-with-perspectiva-solutions/

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