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Quantum Bridge secures funding to build quantum repeaters for communication networks

Date Announced: 12 May 2023


Toronto, Canada – Quantum Bridge, a startup making a range of advanced quantum- safe communications solutions, today announces it has been awarded funding from the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in the amount of $890,000 CAD ($700,000 USD). The funding is part of a collaborative research agreement with the NRC’s Quantum Sensors Challenge program. The collaboration will see the development of the first all-photonic quantum repeater used to channel entanglement over very long distances.

Quantum repeaters are an essential component in building quantum-resilient internet and communications networks. These will become commonplace by the end of this decade, once the use of quantum computers becomes widespread, and communication networks need to be protected from these new and far more advanced security threats. Quantum networks like the kind envisioned by Quantum Bridge, will offer an array of valuable applications over the coming years. These include quantum key distribution, distributed quantum computing and blind quantum computing, among others.

“The NRC is a partner of choice for us. This collaboration is about far more than financing and access to facilities,” said Mattia Montagna, CEO at Quantum Bridge. “The NRC also brings extensive knowledge about quantum dot technology, which is the core technology upon which our quantum repeaters are being built. Today’s news signals a collaboration with the NRC to leverage our combined know-how in quantum optics and quantum communication, with their experience related to quantum dots. Our goal being to build a deterministic cluster state generator that can have multiple uses in the quantum industry.”

These quantum repeaters will use quantum dots as a single photon source to carry entanglement between the repeaters, and all across quantum-safe communication networks. When hit with a sequence of laser pulses, this semiconducting technology emits entangled photons, creating a bundle known as quantum cluster states. Those quantum cluster states allow quantum networks to be developed without quantum memories. Thus, providing significant advantages in the performance, speed and scalability of such networks.

“We believe this collaboration is an excellent example of the Quantum Sensors Challenge program contributing to the commercialization pillar of Canada’s National Quantum Strategy,” said Dr. Aimee K. Gunther, Deputy Director of the Quantum Sensors Challenge program. “Through the National Quantum Strategy, the NRC is leveraging its decades of quantum expertise and cutting-edge facilities to collaborate with innovative companies like Quantum Bridge to solve the largest problems in the quantum networking space and beyond.”

Further information on these or other quantum-safe products from Quantum Bridge is available on the company’s website at quantumbridge.io.

About Quantum Bridge Technologies

Quantum Bridge Technologies Inc. was founded by Dr. Mattia Montagna and Professor Hoi- Kwong Lo, leveraging decades of research expertise developed by Professor Lo’s team at the University of Toronto. The company offers a suite of unbreakable, trustless quantum-safe communication solutions for discerning customers who absolutely cannot afford a breach. QBT is also actively researching cutting-edge engineering and theoretical problems related to achieving long-distance quantum communication, and is developing multiple proprietary technologies to make current internet and cellular networks quantum-resilient.


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