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TRUMPF expands Schramberg location

Date Announced: 09 Mar 2023

  • New building on the company campus
  • Commitment to Schramberg
  • Important location for laser production for electromobility

Schramberg, Germany – High-tech company TRUMPF has expanded its location in Schramberg with a 14,000 square meter building. For this, the high-tech company is investing a mid-double-digit million amount. "A new building always expresses a commitment to a location, to the people who work there and their families. Schramberg is now an immovable cornerstone of the TRUMPF Group," says Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, Chairwoman of the TRUMPF Managing Board. The building, which will already be occupied in December 2022, fulfills several functions. It offers offices for management and administration, a laser application and development center, a health center for employees and a visitor area.

"This building represents the heart of this site. It is not only a visual appearance, but is also characterized by the very highest efficiency for the site's needs. It houses all administrative areas of the location and is also the meeting place for our employees," says Hagen Zimer, Managing Director of the TRUMPF Schramberg location.

Currently, about 1,500 people work in Schramberg. TRUMPF develops and manufactures lasers there that are used primarily in electromobility for the production of batteries and e-motors. The heart of laser expertise in Schramberg is the so-called disk laser. This laser is the first choice in automotive production in particular. For example, disk laser systems accelerate the production of battery cells for electric cars.

In addition to the disk laser, the developers in Schramberg have played a key role in developing so-called ultrashort pulse laser technology and bringing it to industrial maturity. This technology can be used, for example, to efficiently process hard materials such as glass, but also solar cells. In 2013, TRUMPF, together with representatives of the Bosch technology group and the University of Jena, received the prestigious German Future Prize from the German President for the industrialization of ultrashort pulse laser technology.

The architectural firm Barkow Leibinger from Berlin designed the building. "The highlight is the company restaurant. Creating such a high, atmospherically pleasant space, letting it tower so openly and permeably over the site, aligning everything with the reference to the outdoors and views of the landscape, providing restful acoustics under this far exciting wooden roof - these are all signs of TRUMPF's appreciation for its employees, which we were only too happy to translate into architecture," says architect Regine Leibinger.

The building stands on an area of 60 by 60 meters in a ring around an inner courtyard. As a result, there is daylight in all the rooms, which are distributed over four floors, three above ground and one below. On the top floor, the open wooden beam structure with its triangular basic structure characterizes the space. This is where the company restaurant for all employees at the site is located, with seating for around 420.

The facade of the multifunctional building consists of a wood-glass structure with horizontal steel bands approximately 1.60 m high. Since the floor slabs are offset from one another, the view creates an interplay between cantilevers, parapet bands and generous terrace areas.

In the new building, the architects paid attention not only to form but also to function. For example, a sprinkler tank for firefighting also serves as a cold storage tank. Production uses the stored cold to cool its manufacturing processes. The heat, which in turn is generated in the production of the lasers, is used by the building operations for heating.


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