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First patients treated with LENSAR’s® ALLY™ adaptive cataract treatment system

Date Announced: 18 Aug 2022

ORLANDO, Fla. -- LENSAR, Inc., a global medical technology company focused on advanced femtosecond laser surgical solutions for the treatment of cataracts, has announced the first commercial cases performed with the ALLY Adaptive Cataract Treatment System (“ALLY” or the “ALLY System”) by Robert Weinstock, MD at The Eye Institute of West Florida. Dr. Weinstock performed 15 laser-assisted cataract surgery cases following the recent installation of his ALLY System.

“This marks the culmination of our dedication and focus to bringing the next generation technology to cataract surgeons. We are proud to partner with Dr. Weinstock as the first surgeon to integrate ALLY into his renowned practice for refractive cataract surgery. Dr. Weinstock brings a wealth of surgical expertise and is leading this paradigm shift for cataract surgeons,” said Nick Curtis, Chief Executive Officer of LENSAR. “I’d also like to personally thank Dr. Weinstock for his unwavering belief in LENSAR and for working closely with us through the years.”

Following ALLY’s FDA clearance in June 2022, LENSAR has been working closely with select cataract surgeons and surgery centers to integrate the ALLY System and provide more of their patients with a premium cataract surgery experience. ALLY’s size and ergonomics are designed to facilitate completing the entire cataract surgery procedure in a single, sterile setting, reducing the overall time and improving the experience for the patient and surgeon.

In addition to increased efficiencies, ALLY’s proprietary features are designed to enable surgeons to deliver improved clinical outcomes. ALLY’s state-of-the-art Augmented Reality™ and Cataract Density Imaging is intended to provide surgeons with a new level of guidance and confidence while performing surgery. LENSAR expects to install 8 to 12 ALLY Systems in 2022 as part of a controlled, commercial launch.

New approach to cataract surgery

“ALLY is changing the way surgeons are approaching cataract surgery. With improved efficiencies, ALLY is designed to enable surgeons to offer a premium cataract surgery experience to more patients. ALLY is primed to assist surgeons in meeting the increasing demands of the large, fast-growing, cataract patient population with a premium, efficient experience,” added Mr. Curtis.

“We look forward to strengthening our relationships and providing responsive, best-in-class customer service to each center using LENSAR technologies. With ALLY coming to market at a time where first generation femtosecond lasers have significantly aged, ALLY provides an opportunity for surgeons to continue to provide laser cataract surgery with a reliable, next generation platform.

“LENSAR’s first-generation LLS systems have demonstrated a 99.7% uptime rating – a true laser workhorse – and we are aiming for ALLY to exceed these service ratings. Overall, our objective is to exceed surgeon, staff and patient expectations across all measures of performance.”


LENSAR is a commercial-stage medical device company focused on designing, developing, and marketing advanced systems for the treatment of cataracts and the management of visually significant astigmatism as an integral aspect of the cataract procedure.

LENSAR has developed its next-generation ALLY™ Adaptive Cataract Treatment System, its first platform to integrate its proprietary imaging with an optimized femtosecond laser in a compact system.

ALLY is designed to transform cataract surgery by utilizing LENSAR’s advanced technologies with the ability to perform the entire procedure in an operating room or in-office surgical suite, delivering operational efficiencies and reduced overhead. ALLY includes LENSAR’s proprietary Streamline® software technology, designed to guide surgeons to achieve better outcomes.


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