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Photon Lines expands its Hyperspectral Imaging Portfolio

Date Announced: 01 Aug 2022

Following Israeli company Unispectral’s Launch of their Mass-market Mobile Monarch II MultiSpectral Camera, Photon Lines has recently signed a distribution contract for all three of their European offices, covering France, UK, Ireland and the Iberian Peninsula. Monarch II covers the NIR Bands, and includes an Android Application which runs over mobile phones. 

Monarch II extends the mobile capacities of Multispectral imaging and analysis in dynamic environments, setting new standards in agriculture, industrial and medical real time, on-the-go inspection and classification.

Re-designed with first generation customer and field test feedbacks, Mobile Monarch II delivers even more powerful capabilities such as auto exposure and improved user interface, addressing a wider range of applications. Above all, it captures and transfers for immediate analysis, multispectral images from anywhere in real time, thanks to its conjoint operation with Android device and application.

Mobile Monarch II consists of the Unispectral proprietary tunable Fabry–Perot hyperspectral filter (µFPF), integrated with a miniature IR camera module. All fit into a slim 60/40/14.5 mm, 30.gr field-grade package. For its handheld operation, controls and display, it attaches and connects via a USB 3.0 cable to an Android smartphone/tablet. The camera captures and immediately outputs multiple detailed, single-band NIR images.

Unispectral also offer an Android application that operates the camera through a connected mobile device which controls all camera settings, band, exposure, gain, capturing modes, image storage and transfer. Captured images can be sent via cloud to the analytics system.

Monarch II provides the smallest, most affordable and flexible spectral imaging solution on the market. It is suitable for immediate use or for integration into OEM platforms or application developers. Analysis can be done in the laboratory or over the cloud.

Monarch II can be used in a either portrait or landscape mode and features a 1.3MP sensor. Unispectral’s new Android application is feature rich and user friendly and the camera is available as an evaluation kit with a complete set of DLL, SDK, API and documentation for developers.

Since its debut, the Monarch Camera has been successfully integrated into systems for various applications, including:

  • Agriculture: Nutrition Analysis, Pest control, Grading & Sorting, Stress analysis
  • Industrial: Robotics, Remote health care, many others


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