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Award winners, 4D Technology and Quantum Design announce exciting new partnership

Date Announced: 25 Jul 2022

Quantum Design UK and Ireland are excited to bring on board new partners, 4D Technology Corporation. This award-winning, industry-leading company has been in the news recently due to their links to the NASA James Webb Space Telescope, which has provided such breath-taking images. 4D Technology’s PhaseCam was used during Centre of Curvature testing on the telescope.

QDUKI will be offering the full PhaseCam Twyman-Green Interferometer and Fizeau Laser Interferometer ranges.

About 4D Technology

For over 20 years, 4D Technology has been a leader in innovative metrology products for measuring surface quality and surface defects on precision surfaces, as well as the surface and wavefront quality of optics. 4D’s patented Dynamic Interferometry® technology enables measurements in difficult environments, where vibration, air turbulence or rapid motion have traditionally prevented accurate measurement.

During that time, 4D interferometers have been used to assure the quality of some of science’s most challenging telescope projects, both terrestrial and in space. An early customer was NASA, which used several instruments to measure the James Webb Space Telescopes multi-mirror components, the alignment of those mirrors, and the supporting structure for them, both in air and in cryo- and vacuum-chamber tests.

New instruments in surprising situations

Using unique and proprietary dynamic measurement techniques, 4D Technology’s award-winning laser interferometer technology is used in to a wide variety of applications, including:

  • factory-floor inspection
  • telescope mirrors and systems
  • biomedical research
  • environmental sensing and imaging

“We collaborate with institutions and companies to create and manufacture accurate metrology for tough environments and difficult measurements.”

4D Technology Corporation


News story:  https://qd-uki.co.uk/new-product-range-4d-technology/
Contact:  Luke Nicholls, luke@qd-uki.co.uk
Tel:  01372 378822

E-mail: luke@qd-uki.co.uk

Web Site: www.qd-uki.co.uk

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