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Noctiluca, the OLED Technology Company lists on Warsaw Stock Exchange

Date Announced: 19 Apr 2022

Toruń, Poland  -- Noctiluca SA, a technology company operating in the field of photonics, has gone public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange NewConnect market (on April 12th, 2022). Noctiluca is one of the world’s leading companies developing next-generation OLED display materials. This was the 383rd IPO on NewConnect market so far and the 7th new listing on that market in 2022.

In 2020, the OLED display market was worth USD 36.7b, with forecasts putting it at USD 83.1b by 2026. Noctiluca aims to be the leading force in the proliferation of OLED displays in every major application ranging from small watches to large TVs. Noctiluca develops 3rd- and 4th-generation OLED materials technology. OLED materials are powder-like chemical compounds that form the most important element of displays (in TVs, monitors, smartphones, tablets, wearables, and VR and AR devices), as well as sources of light (e.g., lighting fixtures). In terms of size, the smartphone market is the largest segment for OLED displays, followed by fast growing TVs.

Next-generation emitters enable manufacturers to make a super-thin display that offers high picture quality, energy savings, and a longer lifespan. Importantly, it does not require heavy metals or rare-earth elements present in current-generation emitters that are being sourced from geo-politically sensitive countries. All things considered, next-generation OLED technology successively supersedes older generations of materials and is increasingly used in high-end products, and Noctiluca emitters have drawn the attention of several industry players, industry Tier 1 companies.

NewConnect IPO

Noctiluca went public on NewConnect on April 12th. After the close of the trading day, the share price was up 39% with shareholder gains exceeding PLN 4m.

“We would like to thank all our investors for their trust. In recent months, their support helped us open our own R&D effort in South Korea and quintuple the production capacity of our Toruń facility. All this enables us to develop our technology further and has already brought success, including MTA agreements with LG Display and a Japanese chemical conglomerate,” said Mariusz Bosiak, President at Noctiluca. “Today’s IPO on NewConnect fulfills the promise we gave our investors and is an important milestone on our business journey. In the coming quarters, we are expecting more success with the world’s first commercial implementation of TADF green OLED emitters,” Bosiak added.

Commercialization potential

From day one, the company has been all about creating an international team. The next-generation emitters are developed by distinguished chemists from the company’s Toruń lab and engineers from Noctiluca’s R&D department in South Korea, and the technology is commercialized by the Polish-US business development team.

“A challenge faced by scientists and innovators worldwide is how to effectively commercialize the technologies they are developing. Noctiluca has global potential, and an outstanding team that is hard at work to maximize the likelihood that its technology will be universally adopted. We have the technology, an excellent network of key industry players, and we are effectively protecting our interests, including IP,” added Sri Peruvemba, Noctiluca General Advisor, and key opinion leader in the display industry.

The results of the scientists’ work and the MTA agreements to test Noctiluca solutions signed with major manufacturers enabled the company to raise capital from about 115 investors in total. In its pre-IPO listing, Noctiluca raised a total of PLN 8.7m, including the last, highly oversubscribed tranche of PLN 3.5m in September 2021. The company value at the time was placed at PLN 41m, i.e., PLN 28 per share.

“Why do I think our company has a promising future ahead? Because we make key elements for devices everyone uses. The demand for smartphones, tablets, TVs, and wearables continues to grow globally. OLED is already the leading technology enabling new product roll outs from the world’s best companies. And this is just the beginning for next-generation flexible, rollable displays that require emitters and other top-spec compounds,” concludes Krzysztof Czaplicki, COO at Noctiluca.


Małgorzata Sierpińska
Jurija Gagarina 7 / 41B
87-100 Toruń
+ Tel. +48 66 44 22 186

E-mail: msierpinska@noctiluca.eu

Web Site: noctiluca.eu

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