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CES 2022: OQmented Presents New MEMS-based 3D Depth Camera Technology

Date Announced: 05 Jan 2022

OQmented, the German deep tech company for MEMS-based AR/VR display and 3D sensing
solutions, unveils its mobile 3D LiDAR camera technology for the first time at CES 2022 in Las
Vegas, NV (Jan 5-8, 2022).

Itzehoe, Germany, January 5, 2022 – OQmented’s ultra-compact 3D depth sensing camera
provides a cost-effective solution for upgrading mobile or stationary cameras with
complimentary RGB-D technology. Applying a biaxial MEMS laser scanner, it is designed
around a patented structured light projector and delivers accurate high-resolution scans
across an adjustable large field of view. Unlike conventional low-resolution infrared dot
projectors, OQmented’s LiDAR camera projects dynamically changing infrared patterns by
applying the patented Lissajous laser scanning technology which is key to frame rates in the
kilohertz range. Concentrating all laser energy of an eye-safe IR laser in a single spot that is
dynamically scanned by the biaxial MEMS mirror is crucial for overcoming the typical depth
range and resolution limitations of standard 3D LiDAR cameras with stationary IR dot

The unique dynamic infrared pattern projector in OQmented’s 3D depth camera technology
can convert smartphones with regular RGB cameras into smartphones with 3D LiDAR
cameras. Minimized hardware and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for depth reconstruction
enable maximum cost efficiency and compactness of the device. In addition to 3D depth
camera applications for smartphones, OQmented’s LiDAR cameras can be specifically trained
and adapted for other use cases, such as gesture recognition, AR/MR/VR context or people

The applications for 3D camera technology are manifold, both for consumer and commercial
fields. Global Industry Analysts forecast the 3D camera market to reach a global market size
of $13.4 billion by 2026 (prnewswire.com). OQmented’s technology addresses the challenge of achieving high
resolution images with just a few components, a small form factor, cost-efficiency and very
low power consumption.

“Achieving the minimum device size but also the necessary high performance is a challenge
for which we have developed a very cost-effective solution,” said Ulrich Hofmann, CEO/CTO
and co-founder of OQmented. Thomas von Wantoch, CEO/CFO and co-founder of
OQmented, adds: “Fast, compact and accurate 3D scanning systems will play an important
role for all AR/MR/VR applications, therefore, we are thrilled to present our solution at CES

OQmented also shows an innovative AR smart glasses technology demonstration that
incorporates and applies OQmented’s Bubble MEMS® technology. Bringing together
OQmented’s one-chip MEMS projection solution and the diffractive waveguide display of
their partner Dispelix, the smart glasses demo leverages laser beam scanning technology to
enable stylish and lightweight Augmented Reality glasses. The demonstration features a
revised hardware platform, improving the stability of the projection.

OQmented is demonstrating at booth 15972, Tech East, Las Vegas Convention and World
Trade Center (LVCC), Central Hall.

About OQmented

OQmented is a deep tech company developing and selling ultra-compact LBS projectors for
Augmented Reality devices and best in class 3D sensing solutions for mobile and stationary
applications. The unique Lissajous scan pattern in combination with the patented vacuum
packaging Bubble MEMS® technology and proprietary electronics and software enable new
product categories in consumer and various other industries. Further information can be found at www.oqmented.com


Judith Woehl
Public Relations

E-mail: media@oqmented.com

Web Site: https://oqmented.com/

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