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Case Study – Disinfection of High Touch/Traffic Areas

Date Announced: 30 Jul 2021

SteriLumen relies on the International Light Technologies ILT2400 UVGI as a critical verification and validation tool in their R&D efforts

SteriLumen was founded in 2016 with the goal of helping hospitals combat HAIs (healthcare associated infections) with their patented UVC-based disinfection solutions. Each year millions of people contract an infectious disease from a hospital, assisted living, long-term care facility, or other healthcare environment; and nearly 100,000 die. These infections cost the healthcare industry billions in lost reimbursements and fines each year. With the onset of the pandemic, these facilities quickly started seeing their profits slide into the red.

At its founding SteriLumen focused its efforts on disinfection of high-touch and high-traffic surfaces and sink drains. These areas are particularly susceptible to harbouring germs and bacteria that can be easily transferred from one person to the next. Manually cleaning these surfaces multiple times a day is neither practical nor as efficient as a disinfection system that is always working.

For disinfecting high-touch surfaces, SteriLumen launched its Lumicide Ribbon, a connected, configurable platform that can be seamlessly integrated into new spaces, or retrofitted into existing ones.  The Lumicide Ribbon system is designed to always be on, providing maximum germicidal irradiation to the surface it’s disinfecting. Since UVC light is harmful to people, the Lumicide system has a dual, redundant motion sensor integrated into it ensuring that the system is switched off when someone approaches. We spoke with Don Simmons, Chief Engineer at SteriLumen, to find out why they selected the ILT2400 UVGI Light Measurement System.  Read the full article


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