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Israel’s AEAI announces “Photonics Days Israel” online conference

Date Announced: 05 May 2021

AEAI, the Association of Engineers, Architects, and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel, has announced “Photonics Days Israel” online conference, to run between 7-9 June 2021.

Join us for three days of exposure to the Israeli photonics ecosystem, focusing on the technologies and their applications.

We have a busy and exciting schedule planned, including 75 presentations in 15 different sessions.

Our meeting highlight will be a virtual showroom freely accessible to all meeting attendees, showcasing a wide range of photonics capabilities from research institutions, industry and startups.


(Provisional; The full agenda will be published shortly)

7 June

Photonics Education 

(5 lectures)
Chairman: Mr. Haim Rousso

8 June

Photonics Consortia 

(5 lectures)
Chairman: Dr. Aviv Zeevi

9 June

Photonics Research Center 

(5 lectures)
Chairman: Dr. Yoav Sintov

Noon Sessions

Quantum Technologies
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Dr. Amit Ben- Kish

(5 lectures)

Chairman: Prof. Gabi Sarusi

Integrated Photonics
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Dr. Ami Yaacobi-NL

Lasers & LIDAR
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Dr. Alex Ayalon

Enablers (components)
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Mr. Yoram Karni

Computational Photography
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Prof. David Mendlovic

Evening Sessions

Photonics in the Automotive
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Mr. Israel Lupa

(5 lectures)

Chairman: Dr. Viktor Alchanati

Bio Photonics & Medical
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Prof. Dror Fixler

Defense & Security 
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Dr. Benny Milgrom

(5 lectures)

Chairman: Dr. Ido Almog

Environment and Sustainability
(5 lectures)

Chairman: Prof. Yoav Yair

Call for papers: Kindly send to nofar@aeai.org.il

Call for sponsorships: Kindly send to oshrit@aeai.org.il 

Registration: https://photonics.aeai.org.il/photonics-days-il-registration/

About AEAI

AEAI – The Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel – is the national umbrella organization representing its members in Israel. The Association aims to foster the development and improvement of human resources and technological expertise in all fields of industry.


Contact via website

E-mail: Contact via website

Web Site: https://photonics.aeai.org.il

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