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CSRayzer will join 2021 Laser World of Photonics Shanghai China EXPO

Date Announced: 04 Mar 2021

CSRazyer booth number is W4-4320 at the exhibition of Laser World Of Photonics China Shanghai. EXPO Date is March 17-19, 2021!

CSRayzer is one-stop manufacturer and suppliers of optical and fiber optic devices and components, widely used for below application fields:

  • Ultrafast Fiber Laser system

  • Aerospace Laser Communication System

  • Hydrophone Detecting System

  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope and Inertial Navigation System

  • Fiber Distributing Sensing System DAS/DVS

  • LIDAR of Wind Detecting/Rangefinder


CSRayzer Main products:

Fiber Optic passive components: WDMs / couplers / isolators / Circulators / Collimators / Fiber Filters / DWMD / Phase Shifter / Patchcord / Fixed Focus Collimator / Michelson Interferometer / MEMS Optical Switch, etc.
FOG Components: Fiber Coil, ASE, Faraday Rotator Mirror, etc.
Acousto-optics: Acousto-Optic modulators
Polarization Control: Faraday Rotator & Isolator, etc.
Optical Amplifier Modules: EDFA, ASE, Laser Source, Narrow Linewidth Laser, etc.


Mr.Jimmy Wang
Wechat/SKYPE/Mobile: +86-17707135527

E-mail: INTL@csrayzer.com

Web Site: www.csrayzer.cn

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