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UltraFast Innovations and Edmund Optics provide access to highest-precision laser optics

Date Announced: 13 Jan 2021

Barrington, NJ USA — UltraFast Innovations (UFI), a manufacturer of high-precision laser optics products, has partnered with Edmund Optics (EO) to provide global access to industry-leading laser optics for the most demanding applications. EO is now the exclusive global distributor of UFI optics to the industrial market.
In addition to providing custom solutions, EO will also maintain a global inventory of standard UFI components that will reduce the typically long lead times of high-precision and high-power laser optics. UFI products are in stock and available for immediate shipping.

UFI specializes in manufacturing high-performance laser optics, including dispersive ultrafast mirrors, chirped mirror pairs, low-loss high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) mirrors, and UV optics.

They offer complex design and advanced manufacturing of premium dielectric optics for laser applications, as well as metallic multilayer structures for soft X-ray (XUV) applications. UFI’s unique dispersive technology allows for the generation of the shortest laser pulses available on the market. Through this partnership, EO and UFI will offer integral consulting to assist customers in solving highly-challenging laser optics problems.

EO engineers, trained by UFI, are available 24/6 to assist you with selecting the appropriate UFI laser optics and other components required for your application.

To learn more about UFI and their product offering available at Edmund Optics, please visit www.edmundoptics.com/company/brands/ufi.

About EO

Edmund Optics (EO) is a leading global supplier of optics, imaging, and photonics technology that has served a variety of markets including Life Sciences, Biomedical, Industrial Inspection, Semiconductor, R&D, and Defense since 1942. EO designs and manufactures a wide array of optical components, multi-element lenses, imaging systems, and optomechanical equipment, while supporting OEM applications with volume production of stock and custom products. With locations in more than nine countries across the globe, EO employs just over 1,000 employees and continues to expand. Customers can purchase items by calling 1-800-363-1992, via the catalog, or on the website at www.edmundoptics.com.

About UFI

Ultrafast Innovations GmbH (UFI) is a spin-off from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. UFI is a premium manufacturer of optics with complex designs, dielectric optics for laser applications, and dielectric/metallic multilayer structures for XUV/soft X-ray applications. Combining broadband coherent sources with unique dispersive technology, UFI also offers the generation and measurement of the shortest pulses in the market in the femto- (UV-VIS-IR) and attosecond (XUV/soft X-ray) ranges. www.ultrafast-innovations.com


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