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FOCUS ON: In vivo NIR-II Small Animal Imaging with C-RED 2

Date Announced: 10 Sep 2020

In vivo NIR-II Small Animal Imaging with C-RED 2


In vivo molecular imaging in pre-clinical animal models is key to a better understanding of physiological mechanisms.

Imaging in the second biological window (NIR-II range, 1000 - 1700 nm) has been shown to have optimized penetration depth and spatial resolution compared to the well-known first biological window (NIR-I range, 700 - 900 nm). However, silicon-based cameras are not sensitive to the NIR-II range. 

C-RED 2 is a highly sensitive InGaAs camera which can be cooled down to -40°C for optimal performances, making it a great choice for fluorescence imaging in the NIR-II range.

To expose the many possibilities offered by our C-RED 2 camera, an experiment in a pre-clinical imaging context was performed to dynamically map the in vivo distribution of IndoCyanine Green (ICG) in a nude mouse. 

High quality dynamic imaging of physiological processes was enabled by the high sensitivity of the camera allowing low integration times, combined to high frame rates allowing high temporal resolution. 

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