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ams and Ibeo progress in bringing solid-state LiDAR technology to the automotive market

Date Announced: 28 Aug 2020

Partners have made significant progress on bringing solid-state LiDAR technology for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving to the market.

  • ams and Ibeo have made significant progress on bringing solid-state LiDAR technology for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving to the market
  • Working samples will soon be delivered to customers globally
  • The companies are on the road to success in delivering best-in-class performance for mass production in 2022 

Premstaetten, Austria -- ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, and Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, the German specialist and the global technology leader for automotive LiDAR sensor technology and the associated software, announce that they have made committed progress in bringing to market solid-state LiDAR technology for autonomous driving.

ams and Ibeo began joint LiDAR development in 2018 on ibeoNext Solid State LiDAR. Their aim is to provide solid-state LiDAR to the automotive market for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), moving towards autonomous driving adoption. The companies are successfully developing the industry-first true solid-state LiDAR sensor.

Delivering samples - later this year

In October 2020, Ibeo will start delivering samples to customers globally, putting the companies solidly on the path to deliver best-in-class performance for mass LiDAR production in 2022. This will enable for massive solid-state LiDAR deployment in the automotive segment.

“Our leading products are used by automotive companies in Europe and worldwide. We are happy to announce that our cooperation with ams has resulted in the first samples that we can now supply to the global market. Ibeo and ams will continue to cooperate on key LiDAR technology for the automotive market, targeting mass-market availability in 2022,” said Dr. Ulrich Lages, CEO, Ibeo Automotive Systems.

“Through our focus on differentiating technology, the ams and Ibeo partnership is forged to continue to bring advanced solutions to customers which meet the reliability and safety standards of the automotive industry, paving the way for mass-market introduction in the next few years,” said Pascal Philippon, Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales and Marketing, ams.

LiDAR systems emit laser pulses and then evaluate the light reflected from various objects. From the so-called time-of-flight – or the time it takes for the reflected laser pulse to reach the sensor again – software calculates the distance to the surrounding objects.

Modern LiDAR systems can process many laser pulses in parallel: The result is a 3D model of the environment that recognizes crash barriers and road markings as well as cars, cyclists and pedestrians, their position and movement. In combination with a long range and a high spatial resolution, this accuracy is a key advantage of LiDAR technology.

Unlike other LiDARs, the solid-state solution means no moving beam-steering mechanism, such as mechanical or MEMS mirrors. This brings significant benefits in terms of reliability and complexity.


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