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Why Optical Components are Top of the Class for Leading Universities

Date Announced: 11 Mar 2020

There are hundreds of innovations the world over that derive from university research. For example, where would the medical industry be without the University of Vienna’s Neurologist Karl Dussik’s examination of diagnostic ultrasound? Would the renewables sector be as advanced as it is today without the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Solar House 11? And, how would the digital scape look without the university-based research innovations that formed the internet as we know it today? Considering the quite literal life-changing effects of university research, it’s imperative for suppliers to keep up to date with the ever-evolving needs of the sector. 

 With more and more innovations on the horizon that are poised to shape the very world we live in, never before has it been more critical to support the world-leading universities and research institutions that are driving our futures. And, with optical components ingrained into the preponderance of these research-based studies (as well as integrated within the very instrumentation that is used to study specimen), it’s even more crucial for us as an industry to answer the needs of these institutions. 

 Here at Knight Optical, we proudly advocate the research of universities and research institutions, and we’re distinguished within the sector as a dependable optical partner. Hundreds of universities, research institutions, schools and colleges turn to us for our Custom-Made Optical Components; which are manufactured according to project-specific, exact specifications and tested in our in-house, state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory. Our custom-made optics are an industry-favourite amongst researchers and professors alike thanks to their customisable properties. 

Research is the Remedy 

It’s not only life-enhancing technologies that are being studied by these leading universities and research institutions; however. Notable leaps in the development of potential cures and preventatives against illnesses are also being made across the world. Take; for example, the University of Sheffield in the UK. Scientists from the university have recently revealed 3D-printed ‘parts’ that demonstrate resistance to common bacteria. For this project, the university’s team have combined 3D printing of polyamide with a silver-based antibacterial compound to produce bacteria-defeating elements. It is believed that this “could stop the spread of infections such as MRSA in hospitals and care homes“2

 Meanwhile, south of the equator, over at the National University of Singapore (NUS), another health-related development is making the headlines. Striving to enhance the monitoring of wearable devices, NUS’ project explores sensor-based technology to examine the pH of sweat3. It is the revolutionary innovations such as these that are moulding the future for next-generation health-focused living, extended lifespans and improving patient care within our hospital and care environments. 

 As a leading supplier of high-precision optical components for integration with ground-breaking research-based projects – such as sensor-based devices and laser-printed methods – Knight Optical is proud to be at the forefront of these global projects with second-to-none optical knowledge and on-spec, metrology-tested optical components. 

Supporting the Future of Research and Education

At Knight Optical, we understand the significance and potential behind today’s research projects. Our quality-first ethos is highly commended by researchers and professors and remains at the heart of everything we do. 

 Without this attention to detail, we will suffer from global innovation deficiencies as projects lack the all-important accuracy that brings this research to fruition. One UK-based university that regularly calls upon our attention to detail and has been relying on our optics for a number of years is the University of Hertfordshire (UOH). Most recently, Knight Optical assisted UOH professors with the supply of its premium-quality Optical Filters and unparalleled optical knowledge for an exploratory biomedical imaging research project, ‘Imaging of X-Ray-Excited Emissions from Quantum Dots and Biological Tissue in Whole Mouse’4

 Thanks to its reputable status amongst UK and overseas universities, Knight Optical was able to meet the high specification sought by the University of Hertfordshire with the supply of a variety of Bandpass Filters – with the narrowest ranges being used to inspect endogenous emissions within the tailor-made system. 

 Knight Optical Custom Components Pass with Flying Colours 

Of course, every application varies and requires specific components, substrates, coatings and sizing to enable optimum operability of each research-based project. This is an area in which Knight Optical excels with its custom-made, metrology-tested components. 

 A firm favourite amongst research institutions, universities, colleges, schools and the like, our bespoke optical components meet the spec every time, with their entirely customisable possibilities. Whether your application requires optics that operate within the visible, ultraviolet (UV), near-infrared (NIR), infrared (IR) or far-infrared (FIR) wavelength, our extensive portfolio comprises a wide range of component types to meet every application’s requirements. A few examples of commonly specified customised optics amongst our university and research institute customer base are Lenses, Mirrors, Quartz Tubes as well as Infrared (IR) Laser Windows with high damage thresholds and Prisms.

 Why Universities and Research Institutions Rely on Knight Optical 

By choosing our Custom-Made Components not only will you be able to choose the substrate, coating, thickness, tolerance and dimension best suited to your device; but you’ll also benefit from second-to-none optical knowledge from a member of our experienced team. 

 Knight Optical’s Technical Sales Advisers have worked with world-leading institutions and universities on some of the industry’s most influential and game-changing research-based projects. Thanks to our 28 years’ experience within the optical sector, we have augmented our renowned status in recent years with our ever-evolving custom capabilities and support of the research and education sectors. 

 To be a part of such compelling and extraordinary industries and to support such discerning requirements is a privilege, and we look forward to continuing our support for the research and educational sectors both now and in the future. 

 If you’re looking for optical components for a high-precision research project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Technical Sales Team. 






 About Knight Optical Ltd

Since 1991, Knight Optical Ltd has been supplying premium optical components to a diverse range of industries such as the Defence, Security & Aerospace, Engineering & Manufacturing, Medical as well as Oil & Gas sectors – plus many more. As a brand built on excellence, Knight Optical prides itself on its high level of unparalleled quality and undertakes thorough inspection and testing of its optical components to guarantee compliance with the most complex of optical specifications. Offering exceptional service, Knight Optical conducts a full inspection of your optics from our ISO 9001:2015-certified, state-of-the-art Metrology Laboratory, followed by a meticulous visual examination by our dedicated QA department. 


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