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NIL Technology appoints Tobias Senn as VP of Engineering

Date Announced: 08 Oct 2019

Copenhagen, Denmark – October 3, 2019 – NIL Technology ApS (NILT), a specialist in the replication of advanced optics, today announced that it is adding Tobias Senn to the global management team as the VP of Engineering. Tobias will also lead NILT’s prototyping team in Zürich, Switzerland, with a focus on the prototyping of advanced optical components using NILT’s unique masters.

Previously, Tobias Senn worked on establishing the mass production of refractive optics for consumer electronics. Asked about this new role, Tobias commented, “Having worked in a company that grew very large and expanded broadly, I look forward to going back to working on core optics and leveraging advanced nanoscale structures, at a company that is in an exciting growth phase.”

Theodor Nielsen, NILT’s CEO, commented further. “We are excited to have Tobias joining the company and leading our engineering team with a focus on opening up a new aspect of our technology portfolio. NILT is known for advanced, high-quality masters for the replication of advanced optical structures, and with the Engineering team focused on prototyping, we will be able to provide masters to our customers that are designed for manufacturing from the start. I welcome the new team, and I look forward to presenting our new capabilities to our customers.

About NILT

NIL Technology specializes in the mastering and replication of micro- and nanostructures. NILT offers bestin-class solutions for advanced high-tech components, focusing on optical applications for sensors, 3D imaging, and displays that enable future optical solutions for mobile, augmented reality, automotive, and more. NILT covers all aspects of advanced optics, from optical design over highly precise mastering and prototyping to the mass production of optical components.

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