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Fiberguide launches Square Core fibre for improved optical performance

Date Announced: 21 Feb 2019

Stirling, NJ, USA --  Fiberguide Industries, a developer of “complex fibre optic solutions”, has announced the launch of a new product designed to improve the optical performance of various laser manufacturing processes and medical applications – the square core fiber. This square core shape expands on the variety of standard and custom optical fibers from Fiberguide.

Fiber optic cables are traditionally constructed with a round core, as they are the easiest geometry to manufacture. Even though this has been the standard geometry in optical fibers, newer fiber cables with a square core design can offer improved laser-treatment-area efficiency and reduce the need for traditional and more costly free-space beam shaping.

The company comments, “Gone are the days of needing to laser process or treat the same area multiple times using a step and repeat overlapping pattern because your round core fiber does not produce well-defined edges. With its linear and uniform optimal geometry, the square core fiber can process material in a timely and more cost-effective manner than is possible with a round core fibre.”

Homogenous output

The square fiber produces well-defined edges, a homogenous beam output, and enables high coupling efficiency between the diode and the fiber - unlike round core fibers. All aspects of the square core design enable you as the user to employ this multi-mode fiber as an effective tool for increasing the efficiency of your optical fiber applications.

Square core fiber optics are said to be an excellent choice for a number of industries, including industrial manufacturing and medical applications.  In laser-based welding and cutting operations—engineers will see more efficient production results due to the uniform output and uniform profile edges. In addition, the light output and transmission are more consistent for the desired processing areas.

Engineers involved in laser welding will be familiar with laser diodes beam patterns that are square or elliptical in nature, so naturally a square core fiber is a logical and more efficient fit. The square core fiber captures the optical beam equally at all points; and this leads to a greater coupling efficiency.  With the elimination of the overlapping step-and-repeat surface treatment, processes using the square core fiber see an improved return on investment (ROI) over the alternative of modifying existing circular core fiber processes.

Uniform distribution

There are many other manufacturing areas that benefit from square core fibers.  In the medical industry, square core fibers can also offer high efficiency fiber optics. From invasive and non-invasive laser treatments, surgery, medical imaging, to intravenous sensing, there is the need for greater, more uniformly distributed laser power; square core fibers are an effective way to achieve this.

Application such as surgical microscopy, X-ray imaging, light therapy, ophthalmic lasers, and illumination instruments can be made more surface efficient by choosing a square core fiber. Fiberguide fibers are certified bio-compatible and can be used in a variety of medical treatments.


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