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Si-Ware Systems Moves World's Smallest Spectral Sensor into Volume Production

Date Announced: 07 Nov 2018

NeoSpectra Micro Enables Design of Handheld Devices for a Range of Industries.

CAIRO, November 7, 2018 -- Si-Ware Systems (SWS) announced that it has launched volume production of the smallest, highly accurate spectral sensor for analyzing samples of almost any material. NeoSpectra-Micro™ is a computer chip-sized component that can be designed into a mobile handheld device. NeoSpectra-Micro is already being built into multiple consumer and business product lines.

Delivering the same functionality as conventional “bench-top” spectrometers in labs, the integrated NeoSpectra-Micro brings to end-users the ability to immediately quantify composition, detect impurities, contaminants and counterfeits, and ascertain quality. The product speeds analysis of samples from days to seconds without the need for offsite lab verification.

SWS plans to use NeoSpectra-Micro to bring intelligence and data-driven decision-making to a range of industries, from farming to food production, healthcare, industry and consumer applications. Development kits are available immediately with production-version sensors on board so that designers can determine the best way to integrate NeoSpectra-Micro into new or existing handheld equipment.

NeoSpectra-Micro builds on the success of the popular award-winning NeoSpectra-Module™ spectral sensing technology used by system integrators for development of industry-specific hand-held and inline spectrometer applications. The device is currently in use in agriculture, petrochemical, and medical analysis.

“The strong demand for innovative consumer applications and in-field quality control has led to NeoSpectra-Micro integration in a variety of mobile devices in multiple sectors from agriculture to personal care,” said Bassam Saadany, business unit manager, Si-Ware Systems. “Leveraging wafer-scale production techniques and economies of scale makes this a highly cost-effective proposition for companies developing novel applications.”

NeoSpectra-Micro and NeoSpectra-Module are built around low-cost, miniaturized, Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) spectral sensors based on MEMS technology. The sensors determine the spectral content of the input light, and generate spectrum data corresponding to the measured light. NeoSpectra sensors operate in the NIR spectral range between 1,100nm and 2,500nm, enabling material composition analysis and identification in a wide range of application areas.

Source: Si-Ware Systems


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