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Hamamatsu Photonics develops world’s tiniest grating spectrometer

Date Announced: 30 Oct 2018

  • Offering high sensitivity, compact size, light weight and low cost. 
  • Sample product orders accepted from November 1, 2018.

Hamamatsu City, Japan -- Hamamatsu Photonics has newly developed the world’s smallest (in-house survey), grating spectrometer “SMD series mini-spectrometer C14384MA” offering high near-infrared sensitivity, compact size, light weight and low cost.

Our C14384MA has a cubic size of about 1/40th, and weight of about 1/30th that of our MS series mini-spectrometers with sensitivity in the same near-infrared range, yet the sensitivity is about 50 times higher.

This makes the C14384MA ideal for applications where real-time on-site measurement is required such as quality inspections of food or agricultural crops and even environmental analysis from a quadcopters or drones.

We will start accepting sample product orders from domestic and overseas measurement and inspection equipment manufacturers from November 1 (Thursday), 2018.

This product will be on display at the Hamamatsu Photonics exhibition “PHOTON FAIR 2018” to be held for the first time in 5 years at Act City Hamamatsu (Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Japan) for 3 days from November 1 (Thursday).

Features of the C14384MA

1. World’s smallest grating spectrometer

The return structure fabricated based on our unique optical design technology achieves a cubic size of 11.7mm×4.0mm×3.1mm (W×D×H) and weight below 0.3 grams. These dimensions are respectively about 1/40TH and 1/30TH that of our MS series mini-spectrometers.

This allows the C14384MA to be assembled into various types of equipment that limit the size and weight of components to be mounted, such as portable measuring or analytical instruments and quadcopters or drones. In spectrophotometry, the complex information from light absorbed by various components must be accurately measured. The grating spectrometer measures changes in the light intensity at each wavelength as continuous data and is capable of applying advanced analysis techniques.

2. High sensitivity measurement using near-infrared light

By incorporating the latest high-sensitivity image sensor, the C14384MA offers enhanced near-infrared sensitivity about 50 times higher than our currently available MS series mini-spectrometers. This allows high-sensitivity measurement of various components in food such as water, sugar, and organic acids that absorb near-infrared light.

3. Low cost due to the reduced number of parts
We succeeded in slashing the cost by forming the grating directly on the inner side of the package and also by integrating the entrance slit, secondary reflection mirror, and image sensor all onto the same chip to reduce the number of parts.


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