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FOBA showcases Laser Marking for Automotive Applications at the IZB

Date Announced: 24 Aug 2018

At the IZB in Wolfsburg/Germany FOBA will be presenting a 20 Watt fiber laser for paint removal on back-lit plastic components. Also at the show: An ultrafast 100 Watt marking system for the application of permanent marks on high-wear products, and a CO2-laser that marks delicate materials like plastic tubes or electronic components as well as challenging substrates like painted metals or glass.

FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving will be showcasing at the International Suppliers Fair (IZB) in Wolfsburg (October 16-18, 2018). Innovative laser marking solutions with special applicability for direct part marking in the automotive or aerospace industry will be presented in Hall 3, Booth 3102.

FOBA’s laser marking station M2000-P, equipped with the Y.0201-DN fiber laser marker for paint removal and with integrated camera, will be at the booth to demonstrate vision-based part validation and mark alignment for a safe, economic and highly precise application of brilliant laser marks on coated plastic used for day-night design applications.  

One of the most cost-saving innovations for industrial part marking is FOBA Mosaic, a software feature which makes product fixtures obsolete while still guaranteeing a precise positioning of the laser marks. Due to its vision-based automated mark alignment, relative to the part, FOBA Mosaic not only reduces production costs but also simplifies the entire marking process.

A powerful 100 Watt fiber laser system that is capable of particularly high marking speed will additionally be presented at the show: Depending on the kind of application it reaches line speeds of up to 600 meters/minute. Due to its variable scan head tuning in two modes, the systems can also be employed to create precise and solid marks on applications with “quality before speed”-requirements, so that FOBA’s Y.1000 marking laser can be used for processing products in serial production as well as individual components with high operational demands.          

There will also be on display a CO2-laser marking system for the flexible application of marks with varying data. Changing content can be applied in serial production, even on delicate substrates like automotive plastic interiors or electronic components.

At the IZB FOBA will furthermore provide information about the FOBA Remote Service (FRS), a new offering by FOBA’s technical customer support, which takes another step towards industry 4.0. A mobile modem (interface) transfers operational data from the customer, enables pro-active support by the FOBA technicians and contributes to optimized marking processes and machine functionality.


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