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FireLaser Keeps LafargeHolcim on Track

Date Announced: 05 Jun 2018

Linear heat detection, part of an integrated fire safety and response system, ensures continuous production of cement plant.

Bandweaver’s FireLaser technology helps LafargeHolcim’s largest cement manufacturing plant in Spain to stay online with the reliable and early detection of fires to reduce commercial losses associated with production downtime, as well as keeping personnel safe at all times.

All conveyor systems are at risk of fire caused by ignition of transported materials or equipment failure. Common to many cement plants, kiln fuel supply handling is a particularly high-risk area, as conveyors take kiln fuel from a stock pile to an elevated position to feed into the kiln. In such areas, it is imperative that there is effective monitoring and management of temperature events. This includes detecting local overheating of equipment and providing early fire detection capability to help keep the plant running continually.

“The FireLaser solution satisfied both operational and commercial criteria for LafargeHolcim, one that would reduce risk and downtime to ensure that the plant stays operational, as well as cost-effective in terms of cost of ownership, throughout the retrofit installation and including lifetime support costs”, explains Henry Stephenson, Business Development Manager for Bandweaver.

FireLaser is a Linear Heat Detection System specifically designed for incipient fire detection applications. The technology is used for continuous temperature monitoring over long distances, and to also monitor for fire events. Continuous temperature data and alarm events are fed to the cement plant SCADA system via a Modbus link, providing continuous temperature monitoring and automatic fire detection system for each individual conveyor.

Overall, FireLaser provided LafargeHolcim with a flexible, feature-rich and user-friendly conveyor belt heat detection system with a low cost of installation and low cost of ownership, in order to minimise risk and maximise operational efficiency for the end user:

The key benefits include: 

* Full coverage of the conveyor belt means that all events will be located, there are no blind spots

* Precise location of any temperature event means that the operator can locate any event to within 1m.

* Smart alarms means early detection of temperature events prior to ignition which ensures the plant runs continually, and reduces commercial losses associated with production downtime

* Fiber optic sensing cable is fully passive and so requires minimal maintenance, is completely safe in an ATEX environment and is immune to Electromagnetic interference

* The FireLaser Distributed Temperature sensor acts as a condition monitoring system, detecting any potential issues and minimizing ongoing maintenance costs.

About Bandweaver
Bandweaver has been providing advanced fiber optic monitoring sensors and integrated technologies since 2002. Our technology portfolio covers a wide range of sensors, including Distributed Temperature Sensors (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) and integrated smart intelligent software solutions.

Source: Bandweaver


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