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Cooperation of LEJ and LASER COMPONENTS initiated

Date Announced: 01 Jun 2018

Both companies cooperate closely in the growth market of UV-LEDs. The AMPYR-LED-Evaluation-Kit, developed and manufactured by Leistungselektronik JENA GmbH, is now also available through Laser Components.

The AMPYR-LED-Evaluation-Kit LED30UV has been designed for fast, easy and accurate evaluation of LEDs up to 25W max. Thus, customers are able to conduct first tests and evaluations, easy, fast and reproducible, of UV-C/-B/-A LEDs made by LG Innotek, while saving the time for cost-intensive and time-consuming development of LED board, controllers, heat sinks etc.

AMPYR-Evaluation-Kits include LED carrier & controller, wall wart and connecting cable. Additional LEDs are implemented continuously.

After successful evaluation LEJ is available as your partner for system integration! Device development may be conducted based on the AMPYR-LED-Evaluation-Kit. Of course, it can also be conducted fully customized according to customers and applications, which allows the highest degree of freedom with respect to overall system performance.

About LEJ

LEJ is your provider of high-performance Illumination as well as Power Electronic solutions in the fields of Microscopy, Analytics, Semiconductor, Industry and Medical Technology.

Besides its comprehensive portfolio of brand products LEJ offers the highest degree of flexibility and speed to bring customer-/application-specific products to the market. World-known OEMs count on LEJ as their system provider for e.g. laser and system power supplies, LED high performance controller as well as their partner for contract assembly of complex opto-mechanical and opto-electronical sub-assemblies and systems.

With LUXYR and AMPYR LEJ markets two proprietary-developed lines of standard products, utilized specifically in microscopy applications. Especially in demanding Fluorescence, but also in routine Transmitted and Reflected Light microscopy applications the Xenon, Mercury and (multi-channel) LED light sources are employed worldwide.

The entire range of brand products can be customized according to customers and applications. By providing a modular design as well as an intelligent roadmap-based development platform, LEJ allows such customization to be conducted in a very short time (time-to-market) and at reasonable costs.


LASER COMPONENTS specializes in the development, manufacture, and sale of components and services in the laser and optoelectronics industry. At LASER COMPONENTS, we have been serving customers since 1982 with sales branches in five different countries. We have been producing in house since 1986 with production facilities in Germany, ­Canada, and the United States. In-house production makes up approximately half of our sales revenue. A family-run business, we have more than 220 employees worldwide.


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