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MACOM Announces Volume Production of 25Gbps Laser Family for High-Volume, Cost-Sensitive 100G Optical Markets

Date Announced: 15 Nov 2016

Leveraging Etched Facet Technology, the 25Gbps family of lasers deliver price, performance and capacity into Cloud Data Center, 5G-LTE and 100G PON applications.

LOWELL, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MACOM Technology Solutions Inc. (“MACOM”), a leading supplier of high-performance analog, RF, microwave, millimeterwave and photonic semiconductor products, announced its family of industry leading 25Gbps lasers for Data Center, Mobile infrastructure and Fiber to the home (FTTH) applications.

Cloud Data Center infrastructure is proliferating at a staggering pace, driven by exponential data traffic growth and the hyperscale elasticity needed to accommodate surging cloud compute workloads and long-term capacity plans. The insatiable global demand for online multimedia and mobile data created almost 5 trillion gigabytes of data center traffic in 2015 alone. To meet this burgeoning demand, hyperscale data centers have leveraged inexpensive computing power sewn together by optical fiber connectivity and brought to life by extremely high-speed, power efficient lasers.

Leveraging Etched Facet Technology (EFT) and its commercial scale manufacturing capability, MACOM expects to capitalize on the 100G technology opportunity in Cloud Data Centers by replicating the significant cost structure reductions for lasers it has previously achieved in PON.

The 127/129/131/133D-25G-LCT11 and 1295/1300/1304/1309-25B-LCT11-S families of 25Gbps lasers serve the CWDM and LAN-WDM Data Center applications respectively. The 131D-25I-LT5TC family of TO packaged 25Gbps laser products service the 5G-LTE and 100G PON applications. MACOM’s TO package is a robust, high-speed package design that enables the full utilization of laser bandwidth with efficient heat dissipation.

These families of products leverage MACOM’s patented EFT technology which, when combined with its in-house wafer scale Indium Phosphide manufacturing, are expected to provide a cost and capacity advantage previously unachievable by incumbent laser suppliers. Coupled with MACOM’s driver MAOM-2304, this laser family can offer a complete solution that enables customers to address their Data Center, Mobile and FTTH needs.

“With this industry leading family of lasers, MACOM continues to expand its leadership footprint beyond just RF & microwave and into photonics, and we believe key OEMs have taken notice, viewing us a key strategic supplier providing them all the critical technology and products at the necessary cost and capacity to enable their Cloud Data Center, Mobile and FTTH applications,” said Dr. Alex Behfar, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, Photonic Solutions at MACOM. “In markets where EFT can bring disruptive economics to bear, we believe it will play a pivotal role in achieving the cost thresholds to enable mainstream deployment. We have already proven our ability to service high volume cost competitive markets such as PON, and with our 25Gbps laser family we believe we are well positioned to become a preeminent supplier of lasers into these high volume markets.”

Product information for the Family of 25Gbps lasers can be obtained from the MACOM website at: www.macom.com/25GLasers.

Source: MACOM


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