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Free Whitepaper: Machine Vision is making laser material processing even more flexible, accurate and cost-effective

Date Announced: 22 Aug 2016

Wessling, Monday, 22. August 2016

The new White Paper from RAYLASE AG outlines to manufacturers, integrators, plant manufacturers, and researchers just how easy it now is to take advantage of the powerful properties of lasers thanks to machine vision.

Optical data capture of workpieces and automatic adjustment of laser processes eliminate the need for precise workpiece positioning. Machine Vision is also capable of identifying workpieces and workpiece types based on characteristic features, codes or lettering, of analyzing their properties before the laser process and of inspecting the quality of the result afterwards.

As the White Paper shows, this reduces integration costs while simultaneously increasing the flexibility of manufacturing plants. Industrial cameras and Machine Vision software can be used in combination with laser scanning heads to create reliable, high-precision solutions for even the most challenging of applications. "Machine Vision Control" from RAYLASE uses this approach to implement more efficient and more precise laser processes, thus accelerating time-to-market and minimizing project risk.

The White Paper is available to download free-of-charge as a PDF: www.raylase.de/fileadmin/downloads/public/Whitepaper-RAYLASE-Machine-Vision-Control-EN.pdf


RAYLASE offers highly accurate components for the fast deflection and modulation of laser beams. They consist of world-class optics, galvanometers and control electronics with intuitive software interfaces. Customers from all over the world build on the unparalleled performance and reliability of our deflection units. These components constitute the core of industrial laser systems for scanning of printed codes, marking of textiles and surfaces, welding of sheet metal and plastics as well as for the cutting and drilling of semiconductor wafers and numerous other materials like metals, plastics, or glass. Furthermore, RAYLASE develops and manufactures a series of different modules and solutions for the integration in devices and machines.


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