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Pleora product news: Better connections to USB 3.0 Vision and via WiFi

Date Announced: 30 Apr 2015

The Canadian hardware supplier Pleora, known in the industry sector for its high-performance video connections, has planned many new products and product upgrades for 2015. The key focus is on the expanding USB 3.0 Vision standard and wireless transmission systems.

Hannes Driessen, Line Manager at Pleora’s distributor FRAMOS says: “Pleora offers a very flexible and reliable industrial solution to incorporate image processing hardware into any application with a defined interface via GigE, 10GigE, USB3 or wireless with the aid of the industry standards GenICam and GigE Vision or USB3 Vision. Costs can be reduced and the system design simplified.”

Selected clients are already testing the Transcoding Gateway (available from Autumn 2015), which transfers video data from GigE Vision or USB 3.0 to every type of  terminal device, including tablets and smartphones. Video is automatically converted into the widespread H.264 format by the plug-in device and is transmitted wirelessly or by cable with the help of RTSP,  HDMI can also be delivered to high-definition displays. Compared to plug-in cards, the frame grabber has a stable connection via a permanently fixed connector. The Transcoding Gateway allows imaging designers and system integrators to use the uncompressed video data with low latency for processing and analysis, and simultaneously distributes the image data flow to users with low requirements. This saves on extra cameras, which are only for monitoring, and thus leads to a simplified system design and lower costs for components, installation and maintenance.

The external frame grabber iPORT CL-U3 (Base & Medium) makes CameraLink cameras directly compatible with USB 3.0 Vision, and accelerates their versatility with the high-speed transmission of image and video data. The new and improved version CL-U3-IND (Base & Medium) offers an extended temperature range of -40°C to +60°C, and is therefore well suited for the laboratory sector and also outdoor mobile applications. Camera Link users benefit from higher bandwidths, cable power and plug-and-play functions.

From July 2015, the follow-up model to the PT000-CL4, the iPORT CL-GigE, will be available as an IND version. With the same small measurements as the iPORT CL-U3, it will enable the integration of Camera Link cameras into GigE Vision image processing solutions. 

With the frame grabber iPORT HDSDI-U3, HD-SDI cameras, video processors and systems are also made USB 3.0 Vision compatible, and can utilise the advantages of this standard. The HDSDI-U3 offers very high bandwidths, extended temperature range, GPIO and RS-485 data communication, This enables live streaming with high picture quality, as for example endoscopic video data. and for the requirements of medical imaging applications.

Pleora's new iPORT NTx-W Embedded Video Interface offers image processing customers a direct method to wirelessly integrate the Vision 2.0 transmissions standard into cameras, X-ray machines or other image processing systems. For system simplification and cable managment, the embedded hardware delivers uncompressed video data at up to 150MB per second and low latency via the IEEE 802. 11n Wireless Link standard, without the need for an additional desktop PC. The IEEC 802.11ac with up to 300MB per second will also be available soon. With the aid of the data flow control mechanism UDP, the NTx-W guarantees reliable image data transport. The component supports 3x3 MIMO and Dual Band for improved and secure image data transmission, standard encryption modes for data protection and multiple access point modes for a flexible system design. There are several pre-certified antennae available for simple integration, and the NTx-W is completely supported by Pleora's high-function eBus SDK, this allows system designers to quickly develop prototypes and deliver operational software promptly, enabling video transmission via GigE, 10GigE, USB 3.0 and wireless connections via the same API.


For FRAMOS, image processing is not just a technical discipline, but a fascination, the future and our mission all at the same time. Since 1981 FRAMOS is a leading technology provider in industrial, scientific and medical image processing. Headquartered in Munich and with 5 subsidiaries worldwide we enable manufacturers, system integrators and researchers to benefit from imaging technologies. Our team of approximately 80 associates offers a fully comprehensive portfolio of imaging components, technical consulting and support. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, we offer engineering services for custom camera development as well as complete turn-key-solutions. We are proud of our participation in a revolutionary technology. The spirit of innovation and development of our early days has remained at the heart of our company.


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