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Optis launches new version of SPEOS photonics modeling software

Date Announced: 31 Mar 2015

The new version of SPEOS, the award-winning optical simulation solution integrated into your PLM process, is now available!

OPTIS offers the best of its know-how to bring you faster and powerful new features to master light and perceived quality in transportation industries, high-tech equipment and architecture!

You can now share light systems, to easily collaborate with your partners, customers and suppliers, protecting your intellectual properties thanks to our new dedicated exchange format.

SPEOS is also the first solution to provide light results in the new IES-TM25 standard. This connectivity allows SPEOS to directly address virtual reality solutions, so that you can play with light and visualize its impact interactively in real time, to create virtual mock-ups.

OPTIS also knows how to combine efficiency and style: thanks to our latest work on the automatic creation of geometries and optimization, you can simultaneously optimize the performances as well as the perceived quality of your system, pursuing our goal: towards zero physical prototype.

As science is part of our DNA, we always care for expert analysis tools. You can now better and quicker understand optical effects and master them interactively. Within seconds, locate stray light or too bright spots, and track down defects, annoying reflections and visual interferences, to anticipate issues early-on and correct them in real time.

Going further into the process, we also now model manufacturing variations to evaluate and master their impact on the performances and appearance of your system.

Last but not least, we always maintain our efforts in modeling innovative materials, especially luminous materials, as LED and sensors. This brings the number of components in our Library, that you can manipulate and purchase from your suppliers, to 650.

And to further unleash your creativity, our OMSportable scanner, which can scan any existing materials, even iridescent surfaces, can now capture any lit screen or materials.


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