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ZEISS and Nuflare Technology, Inc. continue cooperation on high end photomasks registration metrology systems

Date Announced: 10 Sep 2013

Purchase will enable calibration of most advanced mask writing tools needed to support upcoming optical and EUV lithography generations.

JENA/Germany, 10.09.2013. Nuflare recently purchased the ZEISS future high resolution metrology tool PROVE® HR which will be used to optimize next generation e-beam mask writers. PROVE® HR will enable the calibration of most advanced mask writing tools needed to support upcoming optical as well as next generations lithography technologies like EUV.

Yoshitake Shusuke, Chief Specialist at Nuflare Technology, Inc., comments the purchase: "The new PROVE® HR from ZEISS will be the only tool which helps us to adjust the smallest deflection fields in our e-beam tools for any remaining placement error. With its superior resolution, PROVE® HR provides a much higher sampling of small features and therefore better tool calibration. In other words: We can correct what we measure."

Highlight of the upcoming PROVE® HR is a new beam path working with NA of 0.8 together with higher throughput in order to support upcoming sampling requirements as needed for multi patterning and EUV. Nuflare will use the ZEISS metrology tool to develop special calibration routines for newest mask writer generations.

Dr. Dirk Beyer, Senior Product Manager PROVE® at ZEISS, states: "The PROVE® product family is characterized through the measurement of registration and overlay on photomasks with sub-nanometer repeatability and accuracy. The PROVE® HR complements our registration metrology offerings by enhancing our customer’s capability to measure registration on even smaller mask features coming up on any type of future photomask. The mask shops around the world can probe now any critical hot spot while performing in-die registration metrology for all types of photomasks.”

Source: Carl Zeiss


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