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Seminex Launches 4W, 4-pin Diode Emitter

Date Announced: 07 Jul 2010

Peabody, MA, July 7, 2010 (SEMINEX) – SemiNex Corporation introduces the 4-Pin Fiber-Coupled Diode Laser, a high-powered, low-cost device used for medical and military applications. The 4-Pin Diode Laser is most notable for its high slope efficiency, high power, small packaging and high volume availability.

The 4-pin diode is available in wavelengths of 1450nm, 1470 nm, 1532 nm, or 1550 nm. These wavelengths are considered eye-safe and used by the aerospace, communications, LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), military and medical industries.

SemiNex offers up to 5W CW optical power in a single emitter fiber-coupled package. It is available in a 4-pin package as well as a High-Heat-Load (HHL) version; both packages offer a back-facet photodiode monitor and 105µm/125µm 0.22 NA optical fiber.

Standard wavelengths include 1450 nm, 1470nm, 1532nm and 1550nm. Custom wavelengths between 1300nm and 1700nm are possible. The 4-pin package’s high slope efficiency of 50% W/A lowers the typical electrical and cooling system requirements, enabling designers to engineer smaller laser systems at reduced costs.

“Lasers are revolutionizing the industries we have come to depend upon. In the medical industry, lasers are making surgery less invasive and are providing alternatives to the painful cosmetic modifications that are so prevalent in our society,” says SemiNex President, David Bean.

“It will be interesting to see what new solutions appear in the near future,” adds John Callahan, the SemiNex’s Head of Development, “The advent of these inexpensive and powerful lasers has enabled innovations from the military involving long-range artillery targeting and broader use of lasers in medical applications.”

The 4-pin fiber-coupled laser can also be purchased in modular form with three to seven diodes in one package. The module can provide up to 25 watts of power with a conversion efficiency of 30% watts/amp. The diodes’ outputs are combined into a fiber bundle equipped with a 650 nm aiming beam. Other infrared wavelengths in the 1300nm to 1600nm range are available upon request.


Ed McIntyre, VP Sales & Marketing
SemiNex Corporation

E-mail: emcintyre@seminex.com

Web Site: www.seminex.com

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