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ULIS seals deal with Schneider Electric in U.S., manufacturer of Pelco camera & security systems

Date Announced: 27 Sep 2011

ULIS to supply infrared sensors for a new line of thermal imaging cameras.

Veurey-Voroize, France, September 27, 2011--ULIS, a manufacturer of high-quality infrared (IR) imaging sensors for thermography, security, automotive and military applications, announced today that it has signed a contract with Schneider Electric, the developer and manufacturer of world-leading Pelco video and security systems, to supply Infrared (IR) sensors for Pelco’s new product line, the Sarix thermal imaging cameras.

This is ULIS’ first major contract win in North America. It marks a growing trend in Infrared technology among makers of visible cameras, who produce an estimated 20 – 25 million units per year, globally, according to industry insiders. IR technology is used to visualize objects in total darkness and through smoke, fog and rain.

“ULIS is delighted about collaborating with Pelco, a global supplier of video and security systems, to bring infrared technology to camera surveillance on a widescale,” says Jean François Delepau, managing director of ULIS. “The Pelco deal shows that ULIS can supply IR sensors with high resolution quality at price points that meet visible camera maker expectations. It also solidifies our market position as a supplier focused uniquely on IR components that never competes with our thermal camera customers. This is a quality customers truly appreciate and value about us.”

Pelco chose ULIS’ IR sensors for their performance, resistance to sun exposure, sensitivity and compatibility with Pelco and third party analytics (security algorithms that detect, locate and monitor intrusions). This is a much sought after feature since it improves the ability to assess threats. “ULIS thermal image sensors offer incredible performance for our Sarix Thermal Imaging cameras,” says David Dorn, Director of Thermal Imaging at Pelco.

“Pelco picked ULIS' image sensors for their incredibly low noise while offering sun-safe operation and high reliability operation necessary for security applications. The high sensitivity of ULIS microbolometers are also a great combination with Sarix's powerful image processing capability. The ULIS/Pelcopartnership allows us to provide industry leading thermal image quality, integrated video analytics capability, and Pelco network connectivity while setting price points that enable cost effective deployment for most security applications.”

Under the agreement, ULIS will deliver off-the-shelf TV 640x480 and 1/4 TV 384x288 format IR sensors. ULIS’ IR sensors will be used to provide round-the clock surveillance in all weather conditions for a variety of applications, including port installations, public utilities, and critical infrastructure surveillance.

Source: ULIS (Sofradir)


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