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Beta Barium Borate Crystals for Your Photonics Applications

25 Nov 2022

EKSMA Optics offers β-BBO crystals to enable your photonics innovations. Wide transparency ranges between 190 nm to 3500 nm and phase matching conditions covering the range from 200 nm to 2600 nm, are what makes BBO crystal an attractive solution for lots of applications, including the most common ones like:

  • Frequency Conversions:
    • Doubling
    • Tripling
    • Quadrupling
  • Parametric generation
  • Amplification
  • Electro-Optical modulation

Despite the versatility and popularity of BBO crystals, there still are opportunities and challenges for future performance improvements, especially for operation in high-power laser applications. Over the years, EKSMA Optics has dedicated its R&D efforts to delivering optical components with high laser damage thresholds, low bulk, and low absorption. Our advantages include extensive technical knowledge in nonlinear crystal materials, stringent quality control, and in-house polishing and coating facilities.

One of the latest achievements for β-BBO crystals:

  • Laser Damage Threshold ~20 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz
  • Surface absorption <2 ppm @ 1064 nm
  • Bulk absorption <10 ppm/cm@1064 nm

Advanced Coatings based on Ion-Beam Sputtering Technology

EKSMA Optics’ ion-beam sputtered coating facility allows us to meet the most critical demands on nonlinear crystals. Our optical engineering team can design and develop highly customized optical coatings, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ion-beam sputtered coatings feature:

  • Precisely controlled coating spectral parameters
  • Highest LIDT in comparison with other coating technologies
  • Stability of spectral performance and long lifetime in changing conditions

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