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Mode confinement and topological mode morphing in a synthetic dimension. Click for info.
Mode confinement and topological mode morphing in a synthetic dimension designed by ANNs. (a) Illustration of the mode arrays with outlying edges of eigenvalues. (a1) Sketch of the eigenvalue array and corresponding eigenmodes. The arrangement of the coupling array in real space is calculated by ANNs. (a2) The mode evolution dynamics in SD; the orange dot in the left column indicates the excited mode. (a3) Corresponding beam propagation dynamics in real space. (b) Mode morphing in a nontrivial lattice designed by ANNs. (b1) Lattice illustration in real space and corresponding eigenvalue distribution. (b2) Mode evolution during propagation in SD; shaded zones indicate the coupling blockades in SDs in different regions. (b3) Evolution of light in real space and morphing into a topological mode; the plot on the right shows the average intensity distribution in the straight waveguide region. Credit: Advanced Photonics (2024). DOI: 10.1117/1.AP.6.2.026005
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