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Omega grows footprint further with EMF and Optometrics acquisitions

22 Dec 2021

Maker of optical filters expands again, with an eye on laser and diffractive optics.

US-based precision optics component maker Omega Optical has grown its business portfolio again, with the addition of Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) and Optometrics.

Previously a subsidiary of Dynasil, New York-based EMF was founded back in 1936, and is regarded as the first company in the US to offer thin-film coatings to commercial customers.

Its major product lines currently include beamsplitters, gold-coated mirrors, large-scale optics, and optical filters. The company will slot into Omega’s thin-film filters division, and also play a role in a new laser optics business.

Massachusetts-based Optometrics, which was also part of Dynasil and offers components including diffraction gratings and polarizers, will join Omega’s diffractive optics division.

The move by Omega, which is owned by the Boston-based private equity form Artemis Capital Partners, follows its acquisition of infrared optics specialist Spectral Systems earlier this year.

Large optics
Commenting on the twin acquisition, Omega CEO Michael Cumbo said: “Each business provides Omega with unique proprietary capabilities and coating-enabled products that complement our strategic focus on serving the most challenging optical applications in high-growth markets.”

Cumbo highlighted the large scale of EMF's thin-film deposition chambers, which will increase Omega’s ability to offer precision coatings for large optics with diameters up to 2.7 meters.

“Optometrics brings a unique combination of ruled, holographic, replicated, and filtered diffraction gratings that are highly valued, particularly in applications where compactness, efficiency, and precise wavelength selectivity are required,” he added.

As part of Omega's thin-film filters operating division, EMF will be targeting applications including flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, lidar, machine vision, and satellite imaging.

EMF president Paul Schulz said: “The team at EMF is excited to take the next step in our journey. As part of the Omega family, EMF will be even better positioned to provide innovative solutions for our current and future customers.

“Through our defining customer value proposition, the EMF Edge, we will continue to provide exemplary customer service as we transition smoothly to our new environment.”

Blue-chip customers
Founded in 1965, Optometrics already serves blue-chip OEM customers across the life science, analytical instrumentation, aerospace, semiconductor, and defense markets.

Typical applications of its components include material processing, spectroscopy, laser protection, and analytical instrumentation.

Its general manager, Dave Montgomery, commented: “The entire Optometrics team is excited about the opportunity to become part of the Omega family.

“We remain focused and committed to continuing to supply our customers with high quality, on-time products. The additional applications, product knowledge and market awareness Omega brings will benefit our customers and employees alike.”

Omega, EMF, Optometrics, and Spectral Systems are all set to exhibit their product lines at next month’s SPIE Photonics West event taking place in San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

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