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Hyperion Optics

Hyperion Optics is a premium supplier of photonics products including optical components, lens systems, and optomechanical assemblies from UV, VIS, NIR, to SWIR spectrum.

We specialize in DFM (Design for Manufacturing) input from rapid prototyping to volume production. The Hyperion engineering team has advanced experience in both design and fabrication. Our team’s optical engineering & manufacturing expertise are a critical element leading to Hyperion’s success; which marks our differentiation in the optics supply market:


  • ENGINEERING CREATIVITY: Hyperion often comes up with out-of-the-box (unconventional) solutions for challenging optical designs
  • FREE INITIAL DESIGN CONSULTATION: thorough engineering review for component-level design prior to fabrication, complete with tolerance analysis for custom parts
  • CRITICAL STAGE STATUS REPORT: Hyperion regularly updates customers during mid-production for better timeline management & on-time delivery
  • METICULOUS ENGINEERING REVIEW: Hyperion conducts a detailed review of the user application to take in all considerations during specs evaluation
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING: Hyperion adopts a cost-effective philosophy and delivers the savings to our customers via optimization of specs and fabrication processes
  • QUICK TURNAROUND: Hyperion’s diligence to meet short deadline has earned us a reputation of the overseas supplier with the fastest lead time
  • COMPREHENSIVE METROLOGY: Hyperion's in-house metrology guarantees all parts quality 100% meet specs. Inspection reports are included as a standard shipment procedure
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