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NIL Technology

NIL Technology (NILT) is specialized in replication of micro- and nanostructures. We are specialists in high precision nanoscale features and complex optical structures.

NIL Technology provides cutting edge optical components for sensors, 3D imaging and displays.

Solutions today for the technology of tomorrow

NIL Technology has profound and proven experience with designing, developing and manufacturing of micro- and nano-patterned surface relief structures.

  • Optical Design
  • High precision Masters
  • Fast Prototyping & Replication
  • Manufacturing of optical parts

We develop solutions for advanced optical high-tech components, focusing on sensors, imaging and displays, where flat optics provides a competitive advantage and we assist our clients in all aspects from idea, to proof of concept, prototyping and mass production.

We enable future optical solutions for Smartphones, Augmented Reality, IoT, Automotive, and in addition we serve the biotech and space industries among others.

Optics & Photonics Excellence

  • Diffractive Optical Elements
    • High accuracy (CD down to 20nm), multiple levels (up to 64), up to 8-inch wafers, made to customer specifications
  • Blazed Gratings
    • Flexibility and precision, down to 200 nm period, low optical loss due to small anti-blaze, low surface roughness (RMS < 2nm)
  • Slanted Gratings
    • High uniformity, flat bottom of the trench, tuneabletapering, low roughness (RMS < 2nm), distinct shape
  • Large Area high-precision gratings
    • Accuracy in grating periodicity across large areas (stitching < 11nm), non-periodic gratings are possible
  • Microlens Arrays
    • High accuracy spherical and aspherical MLA
  • Meta-surfaces
    • Complex nano-sized patterns for meta-materials

NILT Solutions

Optic Design

  • NIL Technology provides cutting edge optical components for sensors, 3D imaging and displays
  • Using both commercial software and internally developed algorithms to design and simulate performance of:
    - Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)
    - Meta lenses
    - Microlens Arrays (MLA)
    - Regular gratings and slanted gratings
  • We provide optical design to match specific optical needs. 


  • NILT manufactures masters with micro- and nanostructures in Steel, Nickel, Fused Silica and Silicon.
  • With proprietary manufacturing processes we make full use of high end CMOS equipment such as JEOL9500 e-beam and DUV steppers to simple mask aligners and an arsenal of etching equipment to produce masters with patterns ranging from multi level structures for diffractive optics, to slanted gratings and micro lens arrays.

We choose the right process for the right application at the right cost


  • Manufacturing method depending on component
  • NILT is working with in-house replication with hot embossing, UV-imprint, roll2roll and injection moulding
  • Wafer level prototyping
  • Short cycle time from idea/concept to testing of optical performance
  • Easy transition from prototyping to high volume manufacturing

Volume Manufacturing

  • Flexibility depending on device type
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Partners
  • The manufacturing makes use of our high-quality state-of-the-art masters
  • Manufacturing setup is scalable from small to large volumes

Strong Operations

  • We have profound technical understanding of nano-lithographic processes and manufacturing know how
  • Fabrication in five state-of-the-art silicon processing cleanrooms
  • Very versatile and large cleanroom equipment selection
  • Working across different nano-replication manufacturing platforms (nanoimprint, injection moulding and Roll-2-Roll imprinting)
  • Proprietary processes

NILT was established in 2006 and is a privately-owned high-tech SME, based in Denmark and with offices in Sweden and Switzerland. The company has a large and diverse customer base and has served more than 400 different customers globally. In December 2018, NILT raised 6.3 M EUR in financing co-led by Jolt Capital and NGP Capital.  

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NIL Technology


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