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Phasics Corp., the American subsidiary of Phasics, offers a full range of wavefront measurement systems and quantitative phase imaging solutions based on an innovative high-resolution wavefront sensing technology. Phasics' unique patented wavefront sensing technology is called quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry (QWLSI). This technology was developed to overcome the Shack-Hartmann limitations: it offers ultra-high resolution (up to 852×720 measurement points), high sensitivity (sub-nanometric) and large dynamic range (hundreds of microns).

Moreover, Phasics' wavefront sensors are compact, achromatic, and easy to use thanks to their capability to perform direct measurements with no relay optics even on highly diverging beams. Phasics' core competency stands in both wavefront measurement and analysis with quadriwave lateral shearing interferometry. For each application, an expert software package delivers complete and relevant analysis to make the most of the high-resolution wavefront measurement. With a strong customer focus, Phasics cares for satisfying all needs: its robust R&D team keeps on developing innovative features and exploring new applications as well as customizing standard configurations to customers’ requests.

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