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KiloLambda is an industry leader in passive optical power control. Established in 2001, the company has developed a unique optical layer, based on its proprietary, patented nano-technology. This layer is used in industrial, defense and commercial optical systems.

The implications of KiloLambda’s technology are enormous in their ability to protect the human eye and expensive equipment against damage by destructive light sources, from sunlight to lasers. It is used in optical sensors, high-end communications devices and other light conducting applications, with enormous significance to industries in the photographic, laser, defense, security, digital imaging, automotive, building and eyewear fields. The inherent passivity and solid state reliability of KiloLambda’s products make them compatible with almost any IEC, MIL or other industry standard specifications.
Today KiloLambda produces a range of products that incorporate its technology and they are sold to key manufacturers worldwide.
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