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Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1957, Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel supplies the optical communication industry with fine-precision products processed at submicron levels. Leveraging its strength in ICT (Information and Communication Technology), the company offers a wide range of essential networking products, such as ferrules and sleeves, which are critical and indispensable to optical networks. Adamant’s portfolio of products and services spans fiber-optic components, optical fiber current sensors and MEMS Optical Devices.

High Precision Processing for over 60 years and Fiber Optics Development for over 40 years.

Adamant is a cutting edge Optical Device Manufacturer with proven background history and customer trust.

  1. One stop at Adamant: Optical designing and simulation, prototype sampling, pre-production and mass-production capabilities using our own internal designed and tooled equipments.   We reflect on our past track records and decades of experience in high precision optical device design, development and production for all of our product architectures.

           → Only Adamant: High Precision, High Quality and High Reliability.

           → Specialty Adamant: We internally produce our own fiber assemblies and free space optics for use for our MEMS Optical Devices.

  1. Flexibility: We procure component parts worldwide with strict lead time management and customization requirements.

           → Competitive costs for 2nd or 3rd vendors with a secured supply.

           → Customization to meet leading optical subsystem trends.

  1. Full knowledge of market and technical requirements through detail research and marketing activity.

           → We strive for expedited MEMS Device deliveries.

           → We are already developing internally MCS (Multi Cast Switches) and OXC (Optical Cross Connects).

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co., Ltd.
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