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Electro-Optics Technology Inc.

EOT collaborates with customers to provide innovative, high quality, enabling laser components that represent the best value in terms of performance, reliability, and delivery. EOT manufactures Faraday rotators and isolators to protect laser diodes, fiber lasers, and solid-state lasers from back reflections while providing high transmission and excellent beam quality. EOT also stocks a complete line of photodetectors for time domain and frequency response measurements. With the addition of EOT GmbH, EOT has added crystal growth and fabrication to its growing list of capabilities.

EOT has invested extensively in our optical fabrication capabilities with the addition of two new facilities. Our acquisition of EOT GmbH (Germany) has added crystal growth and fabrication to our capabilities. We have also dedicated a second facility in Traverse City that is responsible for the manufacture of key optical components. Through these vertical integration efforts, EOT is excited to present new, world-class capability and technology for our customers’ benefit. We have built a strong supply of components with shorter lead times, improved cost structure, and superior, predictable quality. We work closely with laser manufacturers from product development through OEM production. Below are some of the capabilities EOT has to offer:

  • Optical Test & Inspection
  • Machining
  • Photodetector Testing
  • Magnet Assembly
  • Optical & Magnetic Modeling
  • ISO Certified 5 & 6 Cleanrooms
  • Custom Product Design
  • Fiber Splicing & Fusing
  • ITAR Compliance

EOT’s high quality standards in manufacturing laser and nonlinear crystals are the result of intensive research and development activities in order to improve crystal growth processes and to develop new materials. EOT offers custom manufacturing of laser rods, slabs, discs, and YAG optics for low-volume development efforts or high-volume production needs. EOT’s expertise includes:

  • Czochralski Oxide growth and Top-seeded Solution growth
  • Flat interface Czochralski Oxide growth
  • Crystal Engineering
  • Optical Contacting and Diffusion Bonding
  • High-precision fabrication and polishing of laser rods, slabs, and discs
  • Advanced Optical Metrology
  • Interferometer
  • Refractometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Polarization Microscope
  • X-ray Diffractometer
  • Mechanical Probing of Surface Roughness and Cylindricity
  • Profile Projector
  • Extinction Ratio

EOT has years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality laser solutions for demanding applications not addressed by our standard product offerings. Below is a listing of some of EOT’s experience with custom devices:

  • Large aperture, free space Faraday rotators
  • High aspect ratio Faraday rotators for slab lasers or high average power lasers
  • Work with custom fibers
  • Non-standard wavelengths
  • Vacuum-compatible or Space-qualified
  • Faraday rotators and isolators
  • Customized mechanical design
  • PCBs, C-mounts, fiber input, and other customization of photodetectors

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