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Lasermet Ltd

Lasermet –  interlock controllers from the laser safety engineers

Lasermet manufacture interlocks, laser shutters, Laser Castle® Laser Safety Cabins, Lucas optical table guards, Laser Castle laser safety cabins, laser blocking curtains, roller Laser Blocking Roller Blinds, vision panels, and provide laser safety training - all since 1987. Services include laser testing, LED testing as well as FDA reports.

In early 2015 the company set up an additional manufacturing facility to supply the demand for its certified laser safety products and it continues to expand through a network of worldwide distributors. As the only UK designer, manufacturer, installer and certifier of such a huge range of laser safety equipment and systems, Lasermet is proud to be able to provide the most advanced laser safe products.

The range includes certified products such as ICS-6 ELISe interlock controllers for labs and hospitals and Laser Castle laser safety cabins for robotic laser welding and cutting operations.

Available from 2021, Laser Castle Lite is a low-cost, self-assembly laser safety cabin which is fully interlocked and certified to keep users safe from laser radiation.

The modular cabins – which are rapidly built can optionally, be installed with the Laser Jailer active laser safety systems for very high powered, multi-kW lasers. This provides an extra level of safety by switching off the laser if the beam strikes the walls, roof or doors.

The Glaser Jailer active filter window provides high powered laser protection while providing visibility in these cabins.

Orca and Wolf laser blocking curtains and roller blinds are designed to protect personnel in hospital theatres, labs and universities while a range of certified laser blocking screens called Laserlightscreen and Flatfoot provide portable protection.

Optoblok optical table guards protect users in labs using lasers on optical tables.

In 2021 the Lucas Optical Table enclosure was launched, providing fully enclosed optical tables but with easy access to the table through ingenious design.

Lasermet’s laser shutters are available up to Performance Level ‘e’ of ISO 13849-1.

Lasermet is UKAS accredited to test lasers on-site and off-site to BS/EN 60825-1:2001/2007/2014, BS/EN 60825-12:2004 and BS/EN 60601-2-22:2013 and is also UKAS accredited to test LEDs to BS/EN 62471:2008.

Lasermet tests lasers and certifies them in the UKAS accredited test laboratory for CE marking and the company also produces reports for FDA (CDRH) Registration – enabling laser products to be exported to the USA.

Lasermet’s in-house consultants carry out laser safety training workshops for Laser Safety Officers and others, either on customers’ premises or at the NPL, London. Courses are also provided for Core of Knowledge requirements in the medical and cosmetic industry, as well as for doctors and dentists. All of these training courses are now run online and can be ordered on the lasermet.shop

The extensive range of laser safety equipment includes laser safety eyewear to suit all applications and style preferences conforming to EN207 while Lasermet’s laser safety labels and laser warning signs conform to the requirements of the laser safety standard BS EN IEC 60825-1. These products can be bought through the online shop while more specialist products and services can be ordered by contacting the sales office.

Also, Lasermet designs and manufactures highly prestigious, professional, dual colour, dual message LED signs for many applications including laser safety. Virtually any message and/or symbol can be displayed in a range of colours. The dual message red/green signs are unique and secret when not lit running from 24VDC.

See www.lasermet.com and www.lasermetinc.com for the UK and USA.

Lasermet Ltd
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