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Altechna is a Lithuania-based custom laser optics company with worldwide customers. We develop and provide complex technological solutions and custom-tailored designs of laser optics and accessories
for laser applications for the industrial, defense and academic customer.

Altechna is a Lithuania-based OEM manufacturer of high LIDT optical equipment – from optical coatings to motorized optomechanical assemblies. We have spent more than 20 years creating and developing complex technological solutions and custom designs for laser optics and related accessories.

Coating specialty is high laser damage threshold (e.g. >30 J/cm²) and compatibility with femtosecond (e.g. accessories, such as variable beam expanders and attenuators using our standardized components. Together with high precision characteristics, each product’s quality is assured at our metrology
laboratory. With innovative solutions, Altechna is a reliable supplier offering the highest repeatability rates, continuous support and service meeting European standards. To provide customers with quality solutions, Altechna has developed its Laser Optics Quality Inspection Laboratory. Certified quality management system ISO 9001 confirms that Altechna provides only quality goods and services oriented to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Altechna product lines:

  • Laser optics
  • Polarization optics
  • Laser & nonlinear crystals
  • Laser accessories

Main activities:

  • Trade and manufacture of laser-related components
  • Design of optomechanical assemblies
  • Innovative solutions for academic, defense and industrial customers

For more information, please visit: www.altechna.com

Or email us @: sales@altechna.com

Mokslininku st. 6A, Vilnius
Tel: +370 5 2725738
Fax: +37052723704
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